Did you know that only 29% of people in the United States plan their meals for the entire week? While meal planning for an entire week might not suit your unique lifestyle needs, incorporating simple meal planning into your daily eating habits can not only benefit your schedule, but your health!

Making complicated meals from scratch for yourself or your family can often become overwhelming and set you off track. With these helpful tips and tricks, you’ll be able to keep up with your healthy lifestyle by creating and planning simpler meals to suit your busy days. Meal planning doesn’t have to be a tricky, frustrating task. These tips and tricks can get you started back in the kitchen like a pro.

Here are the top tips and tricks to planning simpler meals:

  • Find and Organize Your Favorite Recipes
  • Your Meals Don’t Have to be From Scratch
  • Organize Your Week
  • Pick a Day to Grocery Shop
  • Take a Day Off

Find and Organize Your Favorite Recipes

When it comes to getting back into the health game, coming up with delicious recipes that make you excited to eat can be challenging. In order to jump start this process, and leave you feeling prepared for your journey to come, meal planning and prepping can be extremely helpful. Planning out your meals for the week or even month ahead can streamline your days and make you feel excited about the food you use to nourish your body.

Try taking a few hours out of one day in the week to organize your favorite healthy recipes. You can find exciting meal options that won’t hurt your health or weight loss journey on Pinterest, connect with a local dietician, or join our team of strong women here at Burn Fat & Feast! When you have an organized recipe catalog or meal plans ready to go, meal planning and prepping can become a much easier task. With the right backlog of delicious meal options, you will feel much more at ease and ready to get back into the health mindset.

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Your Meals Don’t Have to be From Scratch

Something that scares a lot of people before they jumpstart their health journey, is the fear of having to cook everything from scratch. However, when planning and preparing simple meals, you don’t necessarily have to! While we do recommend avoiding processed, preservative-heavy foods, that doesn’t mean you can’t cut a few corners when in the kitchen.

In this scenario, opt for premade pastas, breads, pestos and sauces. Having these premade options to add to your healthy meal choices can cut back on preparation time and leave time for you to enjoy your simple, yet delicious home-cooked dishes.

Organize Your Week

Along with organizing your favorite recipes, organizing your meals to work with your weekly schedule can be extremely helpful when attempting to eat healthier! Everyone’s schedule is different, and as a busy woman, it’s likely you have a difficult time planning out your meals. Try to take one day out of the week to pull from your recipe list and block out what you intend to make for the week. This can be as simple as writing on your calendar or even mass meal preparing to set you up for the week to come.

Whichever works best for you, organizing your week by cooking big batches of food to be repurposed can ease your daily lifestyle. Try using a slow cooker to prepare a big batch of chicken, or roast a large amount of veggies so you can heat them up later in the week! Having a weekly planned schedule can ensure you get the right amount of nutrients and stay on track within your health journey.

Pick a Day to Grocery Shop

For many women, one of the toughest parts to meal planning and sticking to a health plan is grocery shopping! In order to mitigate knocking yourself off track, pick one day to grocery shop. When you go to sit down and plan your meals for the week, try making a grocery list at the same time. Compare your grocery list of ingredients to what you have in your pantry already. Make sure you get everything you need for your weekly plan during this one stop trip to ensure you can stick to your healthy, simpler meal goals.

Not only will this one day plan, shop and cook day help you maintain your health goals, but you’ll be able to cut back on food waste by only purchasing what you need to cook! Picking one day to tackle the food and nutrition elements in your health journey can streamline your efforts and ensure you’re able to sustain your new lifestyle.

Take a Day Off

When it comes to planning simpler meals and jumpstarting your health journey, remember you can take a day off! While you can have the best intentions, the fanciest grocery lists and the best-stocked fridge, you’re still going to want to indulge every now and then. This is okay!! Give yourself the freedom to enjoy a pizza once in a while or treat yourself to a fancy cocktail. Your health journey doesn’t have to mean you cannot enjoy the foods you used to.

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