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 What people are saying about the Wellness Program – Burn Fast & Feast

Sarah Thomas’ Fitness & Weight Loss will help you lose pounds and inches while gaining muscle so you look and feel your best.

I cannot believe this was possible in 6 weeks. Clothes are fitting so much better. Still have more ways to go. Ready for elite to start!

– Erica Stefancin

Ok here are my results (Please pardon the closet selfies – this is not my comfort zone!) I didn’t take measurements or picture at the beginning… I honestly didn’t believe that this would work because nothing ever has! I weighed 142 when I started the first feats group and this morning, ,I weighed 129. I’ve lost three inches off my waist since starting the elite. I’ll take it! So thankful for all of you in the journey and for your guidance, Sarah! This is now my lifestyle!

– Annie Lewis Shipen

Lost 8lbs, 1 1/2 inches in my waist, & 2 inches in my hips (which I haven’t seen happen in a long time)

– Kristy Pinkly

Sarah’s Burn Fat and Feast has taught me a new way to approach my daily health. I signed up last summer because I was turning the BIG 4-0 and wanted to try something new. I’ve always been active and I try to eat relatively well, but have never been motivated enough to follow a program that incorporated both. I’ve learned so many new workouts that keep my attention and the best part is that I don’t leave my house. They range from 20-40 minutes and I can complete them when my daughter is napping. I never thought in a million years that I would LOVE the paleo-ish way of eating, but once a started feeling less sluggish and bloated…. I was HOOKED! I’m NEVER one to skip breakfast so the first few weeks of fasting was a struggle. Through the process, Sarah explained why it was so important and the positive changes it would have on me so I stuck with it and have been able to maintain 2-3 mornings of fasting. She keeps you accountable on a daily basis. Having the other ladies in the group sharing their struggles and triumphs right along with me kept it fun. At the end of my first round, I could see in my before/after pics that my butt had totally lifted! I’ve never had that happen in any other program or hours at the gym before and I was so proud of myself. Needless to say, I will continue with Sarah’s program and I’m looking forward to learning more from her.

– Mandy Paino

” I am really grateful for the program.
The structure of my body is completely changing. “

– Allison, L. –

Before & After Images from Nashville Wellness Program

Progress by: Jennifer Anne

Progress by: Courtney J.

Progress by: Sherri i.

” This program was a great fit for me. Prior to this program, I was working out more and eating less(avoiding carbs and fat) but not seeing the results that I expected. After completing this bootcamp, I lost 9lbs and 13 inches by working out less and eating more(including carbs and fat). I am continuing to see results by following the program on my own. Sarah was awesome and super supportive!

– Jennifer, A. –

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