Did you know that 95% of people who began a workout program with a friend went on to complete their program? Of that same group of women, only 76% of those who began their workout journey on their own completed their programs. 

With these statistics in mind, if you’ve been wanting to get back into a regular health routine, but have been struggling to do so— enlist the help of a friend to get started! Beginning your health journey doesn’t have to be as challenging as it may have been in the past. When you start your health journey with a friend or a partner, you’ll be able to ignite a stronger, healthier lifestyle in no time! 

Here are 4 reasons to begin working out with a friend or partner:
  1. Don’t Skip out on Your Workouts
  2. Personal Cheerleader
  3. Try Something New Together
  4. Gain More Confidence

Don’t Skip out on Your Workouts

When looking to jumpstart your health journey, it can be really easy to start skipping workouts and land right back where you started. Finding a supportive friend who is also looking to regain confidence and strength can be beneficial for the both of you! Opting to work out with a friend or partner can ensure that you skip less workouts and leave the gym feeling more motivated than before. 

When you workout with a partner, you have someone there to help hold you accountable, and vice versa! Working out in a pair can push you to get up and do things you wouldn’t normally do on your own. 

Personal Cheerleader

Along with skipping less workouts, finding a workout partner can allow you to incorporate your own personal cheerleader to your health journey. Sometimes, we can become our own worst critic. If we don’t have another person around us to motivate and cheer us on, it can be easy to give up your new found routine. 

Stick with a workout buddy to ensure you stay motivated on your health quest. Make sure you find a friend who is in the same boat as you, that you know will keep you feeling ready to get back in the gym. Having your own personal cheerleader can ensure the success of your entire health journey in the long run.

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Try Something New Together

Whether you’re looking to try a new yoga class or take up boxing, having a friend or workout buddy to hit the gym with you can be beneficial! Rather than stick to the same routine day in after day out, having a workout buddy can push you to try new things together. Hitting the gym with a friend is the perfect time to try a new exercise. Gain an extra confidence boost and have your own personal spotter if you need one. 

When you try a new workout routine or class with a friend, you’ll increase the likelihood that you’ll have a good time at the gym. You want to enjoy your health journey, so why not try something new with your friend. 

Gain More Confidence

Something that can often deter many women from reaching their health goals is a lack of confidence. For some, it could be a lack of confidence within themselves, or a fear of not knowing enough about the gym. When you choose to workout with a friend or partner, you not only provide yourself with a bit more guidance, but in time you will have that confidence you’ve been hoping for. 

Once you’ve established a steady, fun routine, you’ll be able to maneuver your way through the gym or workout class like a pro— with or without your workout buddy! Having a workout partner with you can be just like training wheels on a bike. While you can continue your health journey with your friend, you will also be able to gain that extra confidence to handle health all on your own in the long run. 

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