Most likely you’ve tried a number of different diets and workout programs in the past. What are some of the reasons you quit? Most likely it was for a number of the following reasons:

The workout was too hard, or not hard enough.
You got bored with eating chicken and broccoli.
You didn’t have time to go to the gym for multiple hours a week.
You were doing it alone, with everyone around you wondering why you even bothered.

It worked fine for the first couple weeks, but then you stopped. Maybe you or a child got sick, you went on vacation, or had the family over for dinner.
Any of those true?

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Changing your health is a great decision. But if you don’t do it smart, it will most likely end up like one of the scenarios above, leaving you to wonder if this all there is?

Well, lucky for you it’s not!

Burn Fat and Feast is one of the best, most effective fitness programs for women. And before you say, you’ve heard it before, let’s talk about what makes Burn Fat and Feast different from all of the other programs out there.

Best fitness program for women that actually works

1. We give back.

We give back to a charity every month. This month (September 2018) we are partnering with Girl on the Run.

So not only can you feel good about investing in yourself and your wellness, but you can also feel great about part of your investment going back into the community.

Girls on the Run takes girls ages 3rd through 8th grade and trains them for how to run a 5k. Not only that, they teach them how to believe in themselves, they build character, and learn to love one another.

I love this organization and thrilled to partner with them for September. Every month a part of the proceeds we receive goes to an organization like this one because we want to be able to give back to our community.

2. Teach mindset.

The reason most people yo-yo is because they don’t understand why they failed in the past. They didn’t have something that was sustainable.

But they didn’t understand why that wasn’t working for them.

Unfortunately, they start the cycle over again instead of figuring out why what they are doing isn’t working.

Before you change your diet or workout, we change the way you think. This is the first thing we teach our clients so they are set up for success.

3. Prep week.

Have you ever started a new workout where the first thing you do is the first set of exercises? No one is explaining how or what you are doing. They just expect you to know what’s going on from the very start.

Not here.

Prep week is full of training videos to set yourself up for success. You get to see and try the recipes. You get time to look over the nutrition schedule and workouts and ask questions.

How often have you started a new program and had a question? That’s what this week is for. So you can ask your questions so you feel fully confident when we start the workouts and nutrition plan.

4. Food cycle

You know what’s boring and frustrating? Eating the same thing over and over again, and never getting to splurge on what you enjoy.

Burn Fat and Feast is full of changes so you never bored. Plus you will be learning the science behind what we do and when. You will also learn the science between nutrition and the different types of workouts and how to make them work best together.

There is also no deprivation. We leave margin for treats and life changes in the food cycle throughout the 6-week program. We leave margin every single week for treats.

We want this to be sustainable and for you to find balance.  We strategically put in feast days to allow you to enjoy life while still reaching your fitness goals.

5. Workouts are premier.

You will not receive a PDF download when you purchase BFF. Every workout is a video with me explaining form and doing it alongside you. From barre to strength training to Pilates, you are going to have the training to make sure the workouts are done right.

You will see me doing the workouts there with you as well as giving you modifications when you need it. Everything is explained to you and you get a variety of workouts to do.

6. Training videos

Another reason you may have failed in the past is that you didn’t understand WHY you were doing something.

The training videos are put in place to give you the research and science behind everything we do in the program so you know the WHY behind the How for lasting results.

If you don’t understand why you are doing something it will be easy to fall back into old habits. It’s important to know the why behind the how and we are going to teach it to you.

7. Accessible anywhere

Whether you are at home or traveling, you can access your training videos and workouts through our login portal. Easily log in on your phone and take it with you wherever you go.

You don’t have to worry about for forgetting DVDs or trying to bring equipment along when you travel.

You will be able to take your workouts to the park, on vacation or on a business trip so you can continue your fitness goals no matter where you are.

8. BFF is flexible

We understand that life happens. There will be days when you will miss a workout. There will be days when you end up out to eat with friends or family instead of the meal you had planned.

Life happens, we understand. I created the program with this in mind. I understand how days don’t go as planned. I created it for the busy woman who doesn’t have perfect days.

You can swap days. You can swap workouts and meal plans. Make the program your own. We aren’t looking for perfection. Our motto is progress over perfection. We will just keep moving forward.

9. Individualized approach.

BFF is a group atmosphere, however, it is an intimate group. We do not allow 100s of women in the program every month, because let’s be honest, I couldn’t man that and you would feel like a number.

Our top priority is your success and long-term success, so we keep registration limited every month. You are not a number. Your life and wellness matters to me. We want you to have long-term success.

10. No plateaus

Our program is designed to help you continually reach your fitness goals and live your best life. You don’t end our program and then go, “now what?”

We have Burn Fat and Feast ELITE and a membership group. When I was creating the program, I needed something that was short and effective. I reached a plateau and I don’t want you to plateau. So we created other programs to keep you going on your fitness journey.

Monthly memberships, new trainings, new workouts, new nutrition plans help you to continue your fitness goals without getting bored and doing the same old thing (you must have completed BFF and BFF Elite to participate in the membership). We want you to have access to what you need to continue to move forward.

11. NO repeat client fee!

You get lifetime access to the program you purchase. This allows you to do the program as many times as you want without having to keep paying for it. Repeat from day one. Repeat as often as you like. If you wanted additional support, that is the only thing you pay for.

12. You are not alone

Our community is top-notch. Are you ready to join a fitness program where the women are welcoming, supportive, uplifting, and want to see you succeed?

I set the community up and put it in place, but the women in the group have taken it to a higher level.

They are supportive, encouraging, and there for you. They want to celebrate with you. They want to encourage you when you have those off days. It’s so much easier to make a change when we aren’t the only ones.

This is especially important if you don’t have a supportive network around you. Our community welcomes you and wants you to succeed.

A workout program for women that really works.

Finding a program that will fit into your lifestyle, give you margin for those off days, and allow you to still enjoy your life may seem to not exist, but it does.

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Burn Fat and Feast is about educating you and helping you take control of your fitness. You aren’t just being told do this or don’t do that. You are given the reasons and the science so you will be in control and know how to make these decisions for yourself.

Our community is waiting to cheer you on. What are you waiting for?

If you’d like more information about Burn Fat and Feast, Check it out here.

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What do you look for in a fitness program?

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