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While we have countless success stories from our amazing Burn Fat and Feast members, we want to introduce you to a few so you can get to know the real faces behind our lifestyle and community.

We are so proud of our Burn Fat and Feast members and all that they have accomplished and strive to accomplish in the months ahead! If you are feeling tired of putting your wellness in the backset, the cycle of regret or short term fixes, these women and their inside-out transformations are proof there is a better way.

You can make it happen! The Burn Fat and Feast community is waiting to welcome you to the lifestyle, support you on your journey, and celebrate your victories!

default image we love sharing these women’s fitness journeys!

Gretchen W

My Phase 1 results are pretty exciting

Stepped on scale like we were supposed to after the first 6 weeks and I’m down 12.6 lbs. The first pic is day 1. I was miserable in my body and so inflamed. No dairy and gluten has made such a difference for me. I’ve had 4 cesareans and my stomach is my trouble area, but I’m definitely seeing a difference. Progress over perfection!

Ashley R

The left is me towards the end of last year and the right is me at my son's 1st Birthday last weekend!

This is member Ashley Riddle. The left is me towards the end of last year and the right is me at my son's 1st Birthday last weekend! I am down a total of 21.5 pounds and 17 inches since starting this program last November! This. Program. Works. I don’t have to starve myself and I can EAT and work out at home. I have bad days, but can alway get back on track! I wish I could talk everyone I know into signing up for BFF!


Transformation Tuesday

Hi ladies! I typically post in the membership group but thought I’d come on over here for a second. I keep seeing all these posts come through for the ladies that are finishing up phase 1. I’ve seen some discouragement/feelings of defeat at the end of phase 1. I just wanted to let you guys know that I saw the most change in my body during phase 2 and also since I’ve been in the membership phase. I have been doing BFF since April. I have not always followed the plan like I should, I’ve given myself A LOT of grace, and some days (or weeks) have been harder than others for me. ❤️ But, when I look at the before and after of my life then and now I see so much positivity, growth, and change. Stick with it, lean on your sisters and believe in yourself. This lifestyle works and it is life-changing!

Hillary M

Transformation Tuesday

Transformation Tuesday..check this out! This is Hillary Morris looking stunning after Phase 1. End of phase one results: down 9 lbs and 9.5 inches

Laura R

This just shows that BFF IS a Lifestyle

Check this out Mamas. This just shows that BFF IS a Lifestyle. You can do this program in any stage of life. We are looking forward to Laura's next, post baby transformation.

Amy H

I’m down 8.6lbs and 8.875

I’m down 8.6lbs and 8.875”. I wanted more but I’ll take this and keep working. I feel better and am craving better foods.


The amazing women here!

So thankful for this program, my family support, and the amazing women here! I feel better than ever in my mid 60s.

Kim A

Not stopping now!

Last day of Phase 2! This has been such an incredible journey, with no plans of giving up!

Rhonda I

I am seriously BLOWN AWAY!!

The proof is in the photos!! I am seriously BLOWN AWAY!! Blown away that I made a commitment and stuck to it. Blown away with how much better I feel. Blown away with just the first 6 weeks of results!! Down 7️⃣ pounds and 9️⃣.5️⃣ inches!! Bring on the FUEL!!


I love this program

Phase one is done!!! ?? Lost 7 pounds and 4 inches. I wish there was more change physically. But what you can’t see changed so much... energy level is better, stable mood, overall feeling much happier. I love this program. I’m excited to see the changes that will happen in Phase 2.

Katie G

I love the number on the scale now but there is so much more

I am down a total of 20 lbs - 12 lost in phase 1 and 8 lost in phase 2. I love the number on the scale now but there is so much more! I love my confidence, I love that my body is strong and I love how much I have learned about myself and about my relationship with food and fitness. I went from running 4-5x a week and being so frustrated by not seeing results, to now maybe running once a week. Sarah’s workouts have totally changed my body, relieved my hip pain and helped me see past just running!

Sarah C

I have worked hard and stuck to the workouts almost every morning

I just finished week 6! (I am a week ahead because I was ready and jumped right in, my bad! ??). I have worked hard and stuck to the workouts almost every morning. I have lost 5lbs and 4 inches. My short goal was to feel great for my spring break trip to California at the end of March. I am feeling good and ready! ? Finishing up phase 2! I lost 14lbs and 8 inches! I am down to weight before kids (kids are 6 & 7). I’m turning 43 in a week. Life is good! I love seeing this crazy transformation, and my friends are starting to notice. ??? (Also a great way to get that affiliate perk!)

Bethany V

The scale is a liar!

I cannot say enough about this amazing lifestyle! I've been living the BFF life for a year now. Just celebrated my 10th wedding anniversary and tried on my dress. It's TOO big! I've only lost 2 pounds on the scale, but I've lost MANY inches. If you're a slave to that scale, this will change your life.

Elizabeth H.

Full-time working mom of 3

I'm a mom of 3 kids and a full-time working teacher. I don't have a ton of time to prioritize myself every day. If that's you too, this program will be your best friend. I'm so glad I decided to put myself first.

Denise E.

Feelin great at 48!

I started BFF right after my 46th birthday and I'm not walking into my 47th year feeling amazing!

Jen A.

Thankful for BFF

I'm more energized in my day and feel great. Thankful for BFF!

Jaime J.

The best birthday gift!

I started BFF at my 44th birthday. I lost a TON of inches, but what I'm most excited about is the energy I have and a clear, easy wellness system to follow.

Leah T.

Time to keep moving in phase 3!

Pounds and inches are gone and I'm ready to make this my new lifestyle in phase 3!

Sherri I.

Never give up on yourself

I have lived the BFF lifestyle for over 5 years now. I'm far from perfect and that's what I love about this lifestyle. It was meant to be done imperfectly! The friend I have made in the BFF community have become some of my best friends and biggest supporters.

Karen A.

BFF is my forever life!

I didn't realize how fatigued I was until I started implementing the BFF principles. I'm 3 years in to this lifestyle now and can't imagine it not being a part of me!

Kim A.

If I can do this, so can you!

I'm in total shock at my progress so far. I've never found a system that works quite like BFF. Can't wait to continue this lifestyle for years to come!

Mary H.

I feel great and have amazing BFF friends

I'm a full-time working mom who has always struggled with weight. What I love about BFF is the flexibility with nutrition and fitness and the amazing support in the community from ladies I now call my friends.

Sarah J.

It’s not about how fast you lose the weight it’s about progress over perfection.

As I’m finishing up Phase 1 and moving into Phase 2 thought I would post my 6 week progress! I've lost 7.6 pounds & 11.5 inches total ? & this is with me taking Week 5 off. I have learned so much from week 1 to now. It’s not about how fast you lose the weight it’s about progress over perfection. I am an A type of person (perfectionist) so failing myself week 5, I was beating myself up about it but all that matters is that I came back where I left off. Everyone has their moments & nobody is perfect. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOURSELF ??

Lindsay F.

I have ALL the energy now

Finished up phase 2 (13 weeks down) and over 13 pounds lost. I have SO much energy! Looking forward to phase 3.

We’re SO proud and inspired by these ladies and every single member of BFF


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Nik Kostic


My blood glucose was a bit high at my physical last Feb. My doctor was concerned & had it retested this week to see if I developed diabets. With Sarah Blankenship Thomas’ program I have dropped 20 lbs but more important my fasting blood sugar had dropped 8 points back to normal!

With Sarah Blankenship Thomas’ program I have dropped 20 lbs but more important my fasting blood.

Cathy P.

Cathy P.