Burn Fat and Feast program as a comprehensive lifestyle plan. It is essential to include every piece of the wellness puzzle to ensure success over the long haul. That’s why we dive deep into nutrition, fitness, accountability, and confidence during the program. You will learn how to pair your workout each day to how you eat. This is often overlooked in our society, but it is KEY to a sustainable lifestyle.
With that said, clients who continue with their favorite gym workouts and have success in the program and many do a combination of BFF workouts and gym based. We do recommend tweaking your schedule to fit our nutrition days. You will be given over 20 different workouts just in the first few weeks in BFF (and THOUSANDS once you are in phase 3) that can be done anywhere you choose! We challenge you to take an honest look at your current routine. If it was working well, you most likely wouldn’t be considering joining us.

Yes! We may modify your calorie intake and make some small changes on fasting days. The important thing to remember here is to fuel your body appropriately and keep an eye on your milk supply. I monitor my nursing mamas very close during the program.

No! During the program we will talk about some supplements such as bone broth, BCAAs, collagen and probiotics; however, you are not required to purchase anything. Our discussions are simply for educational purposes for you.

I created this program for women who feel stuck. Women who are frustrated with the conflicting information all around them and who want to break out of “food jail”. They are tired of traditional diets, counting calories and feeling defeated because they don’t have time to get to the gym.


You do not have to be actively working out to register for Burn Fat and Feast; however, it was meant for women who have less than 80 pounds to lose.

Every day is different in the Burn Fat and Feast program which is why it works for the long term. We focus on tracking our macros rather than tracking every calorie we put in our mouths. Regardless of the varied days, we always eat our macronutrients (protein, fat and carbs). We ensure our bodies get what it needs for optimum performance so lean protein in meats, carbohydrates in fruits, veggies and grains and healthy fats in nuts, avocado and oils are key.
No! I eat extremely well during my eating window. In fact, I consume more calories than most people on traditional diets, eating several meals a day. I typically eat around 2,000 calories a day. My diet is heavy in protein and healthy fats, so I am satiated after each of my meals. In addition, I cycle my carbs to correspond with my workouts, so my body is getting all of the macronutrients it needs at the right times. I personally love that this lifestyle allows me to have my favorite treats each week too. I don’t spend my days hungry, but I do have more energy than I’ve ever had in my life!

No! I walk you through the process step by step. Each day and each week, you will learn something new. I not only tell you what to do and what to eat, but tell you the why behind it. Learning to count macros takes a bit of practice, but after a week or two, this kind of lifestyle will become second nature. In fact, this type of lifestyle allows for flexibility and helps you feel in control of the foods you are eating.

I promise you, this way of living is not as scary as it sounds! It has truly revolutionized my life, and the lives of hundreds of my clients. You can read more about their testimonials and success here:

Link: https://burnfatandfeast.com/success-stories/

No worries! There’s no math involved. You will simply enter your food in an app and the app will calculate everything for you. I will teach you how to change your macros during the program.

Macronutrients are the 3 things our bodies need to function optimally every day; they are protein, fats and carbohydrates.

No! In fact, we consume more calories than most people on traditional diets, eating several meals a day. We typically eat around 2,000 calories a day. Our diet is heavy in protein and healthy fats, so you are satiated after each meal. In addition, we cycle our carbs to correspond with workouts, so our body is getting all of the macronutrients it needs at the right times. Our members love that this lifestyle allows them to have their favorite treats each week too. We spend our days feeling satisfied while having more energy than ever!

Yes! We have many nurses and medical professionals in our community who live this lifestyle with success.

Yes! In fact, we encourage our members to eat gluten and dairy free as much as possible to promote healthy guts and microbiomes.

Yes. We promote all whole food eating and honor your lifestyle choices. You get to decide what foods you eat in BFF!

Carb cycling is a plan where you eat more carbohydrates some days and a few other days. We utilize this as well as intermittent fasting and pair the type of macro day we are eating with the type of workout we are completing for maximum fat loss.

No! Intermittent fasting is a great way to heal your body from the inside and it has many health benefits; however, as a woman, fasting every day can be counterproductive for cortisol (your stress hormone) regulation. We implement IF in BFF differently depending on the phase you are in.

No! The BFF meal plan is full of AMAZING meals and recipes the entire family will enjoy.

No. Life is always throwing us a curveball and there are always holidays, vacations, and celebrations around the corner. Our philosophy is there’s no better time to start than now! Your future healthier self will not regret it. Our lifestyle is flexible. We give tips for vacations and holidays so you can adjust the BFF life to fit as you need while coming home feeling refreshed!

You can cancel anytime after your initial 12 week contract. If you decide after that this lifestyle isn’t for you, there’s a no-hassle cancel policy.

We offer refunds within the first 14 days of initial registration. After that, you can cancel your membership anytime after the initial 3 month contract.

If you’re a woman who’s feeling frustrated with all the conflicting information and want to break out of “food jail,” are tired of traditional diets, counting calories, and feeling defeated because you don’t have time to get to the gym — then YES! This lifestyle is for you!


If you’re 30+, have less than 100 pounds to lose, this lifestyle is also for you. Even if it’s been years since you’ve done a push-up, this lifestyle can work for you.

Most women who follow this lifestyle program lose, on average 10 pounds, and 10-15 inches. Everyone is different so there are no guarantees when it comes to dropping pounds and inches. Regardless of what the scale says, you’ll feel like a new woman with a new outlook on food, have more confidence, and a lifestyle you can easily sustain.

When you join our sisterhood, you are immediately assigned a Mentor to walk you step-by-step through the journey. You will also be connected to our entire BFF community of women who are in various stages of their journey for support. If at any time you need more support, you have the option to book a private one-on-one strategy call with Sarah or a BFF team member at a special BFF-Lifestyler rate.