Welcome to the Burn Fat & FEAST Brand Ambassador program. If you are looking to live a healthy lifestyle AND monetize your social media skills, you are in the right place.

BFF is a comprehensive wellness lifestyle for women over 30, where we create mental strength, lose excess weight, increase metabolism and break through the yo-yo dieting mindset with cutting edge support and accountability to live fully.

The Burn Fat & FEAST Pillars and Fat Loss Principles:

  • Mindset Management – Creating a positive mindset and granting grace with progress over perfection through our flexible and sustainable lifestyle creates a strong foundation to learn and grow
  • Gut Health Healing – through whole food nutrition
  • Macro management – eating MORE food with our 3 BFF signature Phases and Seasons
  • Regular Rest – through proper sleep and recovery days and digestive rest through intermittent fasting to balance hormones
  • Effective Exercise – with our variety of workouts to increase metabolism
  • Community Connection – with our assigned mentors and BFF sister community and unmatched accountability
  • BFF Signature System – research based approach to our 3 phases and 3 seasons to avoid plateaus

You’re a perfect fit for the BFF Ambassador program if:

  • You are invested in your health and/or want to make a change and see results
  • You are looking for the best way to get healthy and make it a true lifestyle
  • You want to learn how to be healthy as you age and be educated on overall wellness such as hormones, metabolism, mental health
  • You have tired “all the things” in your wellness journey and feel stuck
  • You don’t have hours to spend in the gym or in the kitchen every day
  • You like to share and educate others
  • Your account niche is lifestyle/wellness based
  • You enjoy surrounding yourself with other empowered women
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Step 1

Fill out the form below to apply for the BFF Brand Ambassador Program

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Step 2

Check your email inbox within 48 business hours for your personalized ambassador code

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Step 3

Look for additional emails from the Burn Fat & FEAST team with ambassador tips for success and to join our BFF Ambassador and Affiliate Facebook Community

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Step 4

Share your BFF Ambassador Code with friends, family and followers weekly to receive your ambassador membership perks and monthly commissions.


Refer and earn!

Spread the word about the Burn Fat & FEAST Lifestyle and earn rewards

Brand Ambassador Benefits

FREE membership for Phase 1 and Phase 2 of our lifestyle program valued at over $300. This is 3 months of our membership free! After your 3rd month, you will receive our monthly membership at our discounted founders rate of $47 a month.

A personalized code to share with friends/followers. Followers using your code get $10 off their first month and you as the Ambassador get 10% off the new member’s initial purchase.

The more you share your journey with your followers, the more opportunity to cash in on the generous referral fee.

More Brand Ambassador Perks

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With BFF marketing strategies and assets, we ensure you are reaching as many people as possible.

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A private community exclusively for our Brand Ambassadors and Affiliates

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Attend our annual leadership events to elevate your knowledge, reach and connect with other ambassadors.

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Our shop offers a wide range of equipment and apparel to show your love of the BFF brand.


Request the code you want followers to use to receive your ambassador credit. (i.e. social media handle or first/last name).