I’m sure you know that nutrition is a huge part of your wellness success. During your Burn Fat and FEAST program, you will learn WAY more than you ever imagined with nutrition and fitness. Through my first few years of running this online program, I found women saying the biggest pain point for them was meals (planning, cooking and prepping).

My clients wanted more guidance with nutrition, so I delivered!
My goal is to simplify wellness for you. I know the Burn Fat and FEAST program will give you results, it has already proven to give hundreds of clients literally across the globe real, lasting results and better health.

This comprehensive cookbook makes this lifestyle even easier.


This product has been a lifesaver for me as an entrepreneur, mom of 3 and always on-the-go. It’s a meal in a cup that I can take anywhere and fits my macros everyday. It contains probiotics to help heal any leaky gut issues as well as protein, veggies, vitamins, fruits and antioxidants. Shakeology gives me the nutrients our body craves, the nutrients critical to weight loss, maintenance and increased lean muscle mass. I simply could NOT live without it!
in the kitchen & you can’t out train a bad diet. But did you know that i
I can’t say for certain that Shakeology keeps all our sickness away, but I will say that my kids are NEVER sick!! For that piece of mind, the nutrients are worth every penny. As a matter of fact, most of the supplements mentioned in this list are in Shakeology (vitamins, minerals, probiotics, Ashwagandha, greens, protein…) Shakeology is available as a sampler pack to try a few flavors and as a big 30 day supply bulk bag. I recommend the vegan line since it is dairy free.
Shakeology bulk 30 day supply: (FYI, when you order on autoship, you save $14…don’t let autoship scare you. It’s easy to fill out an online form to pause or cancel anytime!)





Daily Sunshine
Made specifically with those little picky eaters in mind. We know as adults it’s hard to get our daily vitamins and minerals or micronutrients, but what about our kids? It can be a struggle to get any type of nutritional value in those little bellies and brains. Daily Sunshine is a whole food based smoothie that comes in either Chocolate or Strawberry-Banana flavors to supplement kids nutritional needs. It is plant based, gluten free and dairy free for your peace of mind made with organic fruits, vegetables, pea protein and healthy fats. It delivers the equivalent of a full serving of fruits and vegetables in each smoothie. Try it as an afternoon snack or a quick grab and go breakfast idea. Order either a sampler pack or a 30 day supply combo pack.


Power Greens
When it comes to greens, more is better. Whether you don’t have enough time to cook, go grocery shopping, or simply don’t like the taste of veggies, boost your shake with Power Greens Boost. Unfortunately, today’s average diet does not usually meet the daily recommended amount of veggies, but Power Greens can help!
This amazing boost contains one full serving of nutritious green veggies that provides vitamins, minerals, and healthy phytonutrients to your body. It’s like you’re eating ⅔ cup dark leafy greens, ⅓ cup cucumbers, and ⅓ of a large celery stalk.
Why do I add Boost to my Shakeology?
Even though Shakeology is packed with superfoods, the reality is, you can never get enough greens. Maybe you’re a veggie hater. Maybe you’re on-the-go and the menu options are veggie-challenged. Or maybe you’re a firm believer that more is better. Regardless, the bottom line is, when it comes to greens, the more you eat, the happier your body will be. I add Greens Boost to my Shakeology especially on those days I KNOW will be hectic. 
What’s in Power Greens Boost and what its ingredients can do for you:*
  • Proprietary Phytonutrient Blend (Spinach, Chlorella, Kale, Spirulina) – Contains chlorophyll, iron, protein, and naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. Provides antioxidants, which when part of a healthy diet may help maintain good health.
  • Cucumber – Contains potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin A, and calcium.
  • Celery – Contains calcium, vitamin A, vitamins B1 & B2, magnesium, phosphorus, and iron.
Power Greens Boost: 


Performance Energize
If you ever struggled with low energy or lack of focus, Energize is fantastic! It helps boost energy, endurance, exercise performance, focus and delays muscle fatigue. I do not use this every day, but I do enjoy it on mornings where I feel tired. It’s a supplement you can use while fasting as well. I often use it during my fasted cardio sessions and feel a burst of energy while working out. Energize is all natural, no artificial colors, flavors, sweetness or preservatives. It contains amino acids to help you push harder and decrease muscle soreness. The small dose of caffeine comes from green tea which increases focus. I personally use half the recommended dosage and feel plenty of the effects. You have 2 options for ordering, individual packs of 10 or a tub with a scoper.
Performance Energize 10-Pack:
Performance Energize bulk tub:
Bone Broth
Have you heard about bone broth and the fantastic health benefits? Maybe you’ve heard of “leaky gut syndrome”. Sadly, due to our contaminated environment, air quality and lack of nutrients in our soil, most Americans suffer from Leaky Gut these days. We will discuss Leaky Gut in more detail during the Burn Fat and Feast program, but it basically means that you can eat super healthy and still not reap the benefits of those nutrients. Studies are now finding that gut issues are the root cause of autoimmune and other diseases…we are talking BIG time diseases too such as cancer. If you have experienced excessive fatigue, bloating, skin issues, sugar cravings, joint pain, or constipation you may have a leaky gut.
Drinking (or using it while cooking), bone broth has been proven to help seal your gut. The gelatin in the bone broth literally seals holes in your intestines. Bone broth has other amazing properties such as:
– protecting your joints with the high quality of glucosamine,
– helps you look younger with the collagen found inside making your hair skin and nails more radiant,
– aids in better sleep,
– supports your immune system keeping sickness at bay,
– creates stronger bones via the calcium seeped out during cooking time
I have personally found that my knees don’t ache like they used to and my skin looks better than it did years ago! I have made bone broth at home before, but due to time constraints, my favorite and most reputable to purchase online is Kettle and Fire. I like their chicken best to sip on; however, the beef is my favorite for cooking. Here’s something exciting too…you can drink this on your longer fast days to help support and feel energized!
Kettle and Fire Bone Broth:







Mid Day Squares
A protein packed, fiber rich, functional chocolate bar.  Bars are planted based, gluten free, and made with real chocolate.  Best part is they are delicious!  
Use code SARAHT15 to get 15% off your order. 
GoTein Balls
You are always on the go and it is hard to find fresh, tasty food that is convenient to eat on the fly. GoTein Balls were created for go-getters like you. GoTein Balls are full of fresh, healthy, ingredients and each recipe contains high-quality protein powder.  Just a couple balls will provide the energy you need to keep you going through your busy day. The wholesome ingredients combined with protein powder give you the boost you need, day or night!
Use code BFF20 for 20% off your order.


Vessel Health 

An in-home wellness tracker that instantly and accurately uncovers what your body really needs.  A revolutionary product that helps people understand and optimize their health through at-home assessment, personalized action plans, and ongoing progress monitoring.

Get a discount off your first order using code BURNFATFEAST20 using link https://www.vesselhealth.com.

Butcher Box

A monthly subscription service that delivers 100% grass-fed beef, free-range organic chicken, humanely raised pork, and wild-caught seafood directly to your front door.  



Lebert Fitness

Use code LFI20 at this link for $20 off purchase here.


Resistance Bands

Victorem Set of 3

This set of 3 hip/thigh band kit comes in low, medium and heavy resistance to adapt to each exercise. These bands will not roll up on you during your workout and come with a drawstring carry bag.

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Draper’s Strength Bands

These are the perfect full body resistance bands that can also be used as pull up assist bands. They come in a variety of resistance strengths. I recommend the yellow/red/black bundle to start out with for variety in your workouts.

<br />

B-LINES Resistance Band Kit set of 3

Looking for bands with handles? This set of 3 is durable and easy to pack while traveling and on vacation. The 3 different resistances gives you options for variety in your workouts. Learn more here.


Perfect for those strength training days. As you get stronger add to your weights to your library.

<br />

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

Each dumbbell adjusts from 5 to 52.5 pounds; adjusts in 2.5-pound increments up to the first 25 pounds. Allows you rapidly switch from one exercise to the next and eliminates the need for multiple dumbbells cluttering your workout space. There’s a two year warranty on weight plates and parts.

<br />

Medicine Balls


Ankle Weights


Rollers and Mats