This weekend, the southeast as well as the northern eastern states were hit with a boat load of snow. This 2016 winter storm, named Jonas, left MANY of us snowed in. Here in Nashville, TN, we are beginning to thaw, but schools in our area are still out today. The continued cold temperatures have left many roads icy and unsafe for buses to travel.

School closings always throw a curveball in parents schedules, many times leave us at home instead of the office, gym, etc. Whether you are a typical workout at home lover or gym goer, you are probably about ready to MOVE! A no equipment required circuit workout is perfect for this time of year. You don’t need a big space or anything fancy to complete a few rounds of this fat burning, calorie torching workout.

Clear a space, move the ottoman, grab the kids and do this one together. No equipment required! As you will see in the video, this one IS fun for the whole family 🙂 .

  1. Jumping jacks
  2. Squat pulses
  3. Lunge hops
  4. One legged dead lifts
  5. Plank pike ups
  6. Side plank
  7. Mountain climber run
  8. Walking push ups
  9. Boat
  10. Fire hydrant

Complete each move for 1 minute before moving to the next. Repeat the entire series for 20 minutes of full body, no equipment required circuit workout.