Oh, the holidays! This time of year it can be tempting to ditch your workout routine or aspirations until January 1st, but I challenge you to kick into high gear.

Of course, I still want you to cherish all the time you deserve with your family and not skip a beat because of your fitness. With that in mind, I’ve got the perfect power workout… and today, we’re all about arms. Short and sweet is the key!

When it comes to your arms, we are hitting ALL the spots with this workout. Remember, the more we can build that lean muscle mass combined with a healthy lifestyle like the Burn Fat & Feast Program, the more we can burn fat all day long.

In this workout you’ll need light weights, heavy weights, and a mat.

We’ll do 3-4 rounds, and each move you are going to complete until exhaustion or until good form is lost. Everyone will be at their own level here but everyone should also reach their peak and be challenged. Ok, let’s do this! Click here to watch the video and follow along



Simply Arms Workout



Get into a tabletop position with your lower back on the ground. Lift your lower back off the ground, up, and back down again. Complete this series until exhaustion. 


Remain in the tabletop position but this time you are going to move your lower back towards your feet and then back. Continue repeating this motion as long as possible.



Start on your knees with your upper body upright. You are then going to jump your arms into tricep pushup position and then simply walk your hands back to your knees and repeat. You are putting a little more pressure on your upper body as you push forward and really engaging those triceps. Keep those elbows close to your body as you jump forward so you work the back of the arms. Repeat until failure or fatigue.


Bicep curl halfway so your forearms are parallel to the ground. Move your weights outwards, back inside, and then do four small movement pulses in the middle. Release. When doing the move, be sure to pull your elbows into the side body, squeezing tightly, lifting the core. When you feel you are starting to reach your limit, I want you to do 2 more!



I know I said just arms but of course we are going to throw a little more muscle working in there! Do a single leg deadlift and keep that raised leg up behind you. Square those hips and shoulders and do not worry about how high that leg is. Now, open your palms to the front and start doing bicep curls, continuing with that raised leg in the back. Do these until failure, focusing on that one leg this round. Next round, be sure to hit that other leg!

Remember to challenge yourself with each move and hit your limit, while still honoring your form. Repeat the whole series 3-4 times.

Be sure to let me know if you have any questions along the way and follow along with the video.

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