I LOVE working out my lower body (and my client’s 🙂 ) because it torches tons of calories and gets your heart rate pumping. This type of workout continues to burn calories as you go on with your day, which is a huge in! That’s why I have created this lower body workout for women. The lower body workout for women was designed to be short and effective to tone your legs and shape that round booty.

Over the past few years, I have seen the best results with workouts like this with my in-person training clients as well as my online training clients. With the lower body workout for women, after only 20-30 minutes, you will be sweating your way to a positive change. It’s been proven that women carry most of their weight in their lower body. This tends to be a trouble spot whether it’s thick thighs, flat booty or a soft lower body. The myth that “cardioing” yourself to death will change your body composition, is simply not true, which is why we continue to have issues in this area. Strength training is critical if your goal is to change your body composition. The ladies currently in my Burn Fat and Feast Program have learned this and are breaking through weight loss plateaus with workouts like the lower body workout for women.

Are you ready to give it a try? This lower body workout for women is a combination of strength moves as well as power moves to blast a ton of fat, strengthen and tone your body for the upcoming summer months. The key is to progress from one exercise to the next quickly and to use a challenging weight as you fatigue after 15 reps. *Reminder, it’s now easy to pin straight to your wellness Pinterest page to save for future reference. Simply hover over the picture or video to pin. Happy lower body shaping!

Lower Body Workout for Women

1. Warm up with a wall or jog for 1 mile.
2. 15 reps of squats
3. 15 reps of squat hops
4. Repeat the above 2 exercises 2-3 more times
5. 15 backwards stepping lunges
6. 15 plyo lunges
7. Repeat the above 2 exercises 2-3 more times
8. 15 straight leg deadlifts
9. 15 snowboards (both sides equal 1)
10. Repeat the above 2 exercises 2-3 more times
11. Complete one more mile on the treadmill before cooling down and stretching

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