One of my absolute favorite questions I get from potential clients considering the Burn Fat and Feast Program is “Can I continue doing my fill in the blank favorite workout during the 7 week program?”

I’m giving this one an all caps- YES, YES, YES! I designed the Burn Fat and Feast program as an overall wellness program. I truly want to help you find the routine that is going to be sustainable and deliver you feel-good, look-good results for the long haul.

So if you’ve got a “soulmate workout”—as I like to call it—that can certainly be a part of the mix. With that said, I recommend clients email me personally with their go-to favorite workout that they want to incorporate into the 7 weeks. The reason I ask this is because we are all about wellness, and how your nutrition and fitness mesh, I want to ensure your game plan for 7 weeks is ideally balanced. Just shoot me an email- I would love to chat about how we can customize the 7 weeks to ensure your soulmate workout is in it with you!

For me, that go-go can’t be without workout is cardio. I teach at a local spin studio and even though these long-form spin classes aren’t a mandatory part of the 7-week program, it’s one of my absolute favorite workouts that’s integral to living my Burn Fat and Feast lifestyle. With that said, strength training is where I’ve really seen big changes for my body so I know that has to be a part of my routine as well. The Burn Fat and Feast lifestyle allows me to get my spin classes in, while making sure I’m complementing those workouts with other fitness routines that my body needs.

No soulmate workout? No problem. Whether you are beginner at fitness or someone who’s been at it for a while, the 7 week Burn Fat and Feast program is all laid out of you. It comes with over 20 diverse workouts, spread out across the entirety of the program, so you never have to wonder: “Should I do this workout this week?”

If you have 15 minutes to workout, none of that time has to be spent wondering what to do or how to do it. All 20 routines are complete videos where I do every move, every rep, every minute, with you. Take me to your basement, your gym, the beach, absolutely wherever you pull up the video on your phone, computer etc.

The workouts are at your convenience and the nutrition and mindset aspects of the program are all met with the same respect for the busy schedule I know you have!

This holistic and long-term way of looking at wellness is what Burn Fat and Feast is founded upon. We aren’t about just counting reps or calories and calling it a day. We examine the nutrition you put into your body, the balance of workouts you take on throughout the week, and the schedule for it all that will give you the results you crave and the enjoyment in the process you deserve. Feel free to read about our recent client, Lauren Grave’s, recent experience with Burn Fat and Feast in this blog post and how it helped her finally find balance between eating and working out to achieve great results (from a self-proclaimed “workout queen!”)

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I am here for you every step of the way! Let’s make 2018 the best one yet!