The best exercises for women over 40 are the ones that increase fat burn and metabolism throughout the day. As a fitness professional with over 20 years of experience–and a woman over 40–I know how important it is to maximize your time and energy with workouts that work for Women’s Weight Loss.

Throughout my years of experience, I have helped hundreds of women lose weight, gain muscle, and feel better in their body and about their body through my Burn Fat and Feast program. 

One of the main components of this Weight Loss, Wellness program is incorporating a fitness routine that is simple yet effective. This includes HIIT workouts. 


What is a HIIT Workout?

HIIT stands for “High-Intensity Interval Training.” HIIT workouts are one of the quickest and most effective ways to burn fat, build muscle, and increase your metabolism. For women over 40, this is essential.

HIIT workouts are popular due to their ability to effectively change your body composition for the better. By diversifying the intensity of your workout and utilizing strength and endurance training essentials, you can shorten your workout duration and blast more fat. HIIT workouts are fast, easy, and no equipment is required. 

For those of us with a busy lifestyle who don’t have the time to make it to the gym, HIIT workouts are perfect. You can get a full-body workout in no time. This means rather than just focusing on your arms one day and then your legs the next, you are working your arms, legs, back, and core at the same time. This increases fat burn and helps with Weight Loss!

If you want to look and feel amazing as you age, HIIT workouts are the fitness solution for you. 


Full Body Fat Burning HIIT Workout

In today’s full-body, fat burning HIIT workout there are a total of 5 exercises. Each exercise is performed consistently for 1 minute with a 10-second recovery break in between. Repeat the series two to three times, and up to five times for best results. 

In the video, each exercise is shown along with a less intense modification. As you follow along in the video today, remember that the right pace is your pace. 


Fat Blasting Full-Body HIIT Workout:


Blast Fat in Your 40s with Burn Fat and Feast

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I am passionate about helping women look and feel their best as they age with Weight Loss and Toning. Please feel free to contact me today with any questions you have about how this can be a reality for you too!