We will be featuring some of our past participants of the Burn Fat & Feast and Elite programs. We want to celebrate and share these amazing women with everyone. They have worked so hard on their journey to a healthy lifestyle!

Today we are featuring Cindy. Read this Q&A about Cindy’s fitness goals and how she tackled them!


Q&A with Cindy Chaffin

Tell us a little about you, where you live, children, occupation, etc.

I am a 57-year-old wife, mother, and grandmother who works full time at Identity Group in Cookeville, TN as an Executive Administrator, which means I sit for a living.  My husband, Wayne, and I live on a 30-acre farm where we raise cattle, and I also help him manage several rental properties that he owns.  We are extremely busy, to the point that I put my health/wellness on the backburner for several years and ultimately gained 60 lbs.!  I had no energy, ached all over, hated the way I looked, and was very concerned that as I aged, I would begin to develop health issues and wouldn’t feel like enjoying retirement when that time came.


Describe your nutrition before starting the Burn Fat and Feast program.

I love fruit, dairy, and anything sweet.  I ate some meat, limited vegetables, and some breads and pastas.  I had heard about tracking macros, intermittent fasting (IF) and carb cycling, but didn’t know what any of it meant.  I also did not realize that gluten and dairy can cause inflammation, but I did know that inflammation is what makes people ache and can cause digestive issues; so that really caught my attention. 


What made you decide to join this program?

I started my new health/wellness journey in June 2016 with a trip to Canyon Ranch-Tucson with my sister and some terrific, supportive ladies from Nashville.  I learned so much at the Ranch as well as from them, including Jenny Pack Myhr who told me about the Burn Fat & Feast program.  But it sounded like it was too difficult for me at that time (me, participate in a Boot Camp??!!), so I started slowly by tracking my food intake in the My Fitness Pal app, tracking my steps on a Fitbit, and working out on a regular basis.   I also followed Sarah’s Refined Life Fitness page for several months, and became interested in learning more about the BFF program.  I lost 15 lbs. by the holiday season, but plateaued for several months.
When I realized that my next trip to Canyon Ranch was coming up soon, and I needed to make some more changes in order to lose more weight and keep up with the girls at the Ranch, I decided to sign up for the April/May BFF program in late March.  I saw immediate results in the first week, and it continued through the entire program.  I lost 12 lbs. and several inches in 6 weeks, and looked and felt great! 
To keep up the momentum, I immediately signed up for the May/June Elite Burn Fat & Feast program, and by the end of it, had lost 7 more lbs. and additional inches.  In the midst of it was my second Canyon Ranch-Tucson trip, and I never skipped a beat.  (Yes, you can participate from anywhere!)  


How do you feel now that you have graduated?

I feel fantastic, no longer ache, and my digestive issues are gone!  My primary care physician was so pleased with the results of my last physical, she told me “whatever you are doing, keep it up!”.


Share with us 2 successes, things you learned or what your biggest takeaways were upon completion.

never get tired of hearing “you’re looking great—I can tell you’re losing weight not only in your clothes, but your face is thinner”.

It is difficult to summarize all I learned in just two takeaways, but I think two important points are:
  1. If I can do this, anyone can!
  2. If you can’t follow the schedule exactly every day, you can switch things around or modify them to work with your lifestyle—after all, this IS a new lifestyle—not a diet!

Cindy, thanks again for participating in the Burn Fat & Feast and Elite programs.


We are so proud of you, and we hope your successes will inspire others to begin their fitness journey!

To learn more about the Burn Fat & Feast program, CLICK HERE.