The First Step to Sustainable Weight Loss

  • Posted on August 3, 2022 at 12:25 pm
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The First Step to Sustainable Weight Loss

Is there really a first step to sustainable weight loss that most people are missing?
So many of us have yo-yo dieted in the past.  We eat well all week and then have felt that nagging guilt when we splurge on the weekend. The thing is, most women have an unhealthy relationship with food.  They also don’t understand what type of workout is most beneficial for their bodies.  This typically leaves women feeling like they've put in SO much effort with little to no results. Have you been there?
I hear from women every single week who say they feel stuck, lack energy, feel discouraged and frustrated. I truly do get it and my hope is for you to never have to feel that way again.
Popular diet culture tactics would have you believe that you need to throw away everything "bad" in your pantry as your first step, but there is a missing piece that is MUCH bigger than that.

Change your Mindset

Have you found your WHY?  The reason you have yo-yo dieted in the past is due to the lack of a strong WHY.  The wrong mindset and focusing on weight loss rather than fat loss can only get you so far.  Without the proper positive mindset and a strong, deep rooted WHY, you will continue the cycle of starting and stopping over and over again.

When clients enter my Burn Fat & FEAST program, one of the first things I tell them is to change their MINDSETS. Your mindset or your outlook on things truly has that much impact on your success in anything in life.  Your main goal in the beginning before implementing anything else is to maintain the right mindset.
Today I’m sharing with you what I tell my clients regarding mindset. These 4 things are crucial when you are striving to truly change your lifestyle.

1. You are focused on progress not perfection.

The end goal is important...but ALL progress is a step in the right direction. Forward movement is always a good thing and is super important to building a sustainable, healthy lifestyle.  Focus on your progress each day instead of the all or nothing mentality.

2. You celebrate daily wins and small steps in the right direction. 

The little victories each day add up to huge results over time. Maintaining a proper mindset means you are less focused on your missteps than on your daily wins. Every positive, healthy decision you make, is cause to celebrate.  Be sure to give yourself credit for making good choices each day and applaud those small wins.

3. You compete with yourself. 

Stop comparing your journey to someone else's highlight reel. Everyone has different goals, different macros to hit, different PR's in the gym, and different circumstances surrounding their journey. In order to maintain the proper mindset you've got to keep your eyes on your own paper.

4. You celebrate the non-scale victories just as much as the scale victories. 

I have helped thousands of women burn fat effectively, But that's not the point. The point is greater health, strength and confidence. A great quality of life is a big goal.  It's so much more than lean legs and six pack abs.   This is why you need to focus on the non-scale victories like more energy, better sleep, and less stomach discomfort. Your overall health and well being are the greatest victories!

Finding your WHY!

If you are constantly looking at everyone else.  If you are obsessing over your failures and your limitations.  If the scale is a determining factor to your success, then you WILL struggle through any sustainable change in your journey.  Your focus from now on, will be on ditching the mindset of failure and establishing a mindset of success with small wins that build to create huge milestones!
To maintain your proper growth mindset, you need to find your WHY!  Your WHY shouldn't be a short term goal.  Losing weight for your high school reunion, or trying to look good in your vacation bikini is not a long term solution.  Your WHY should be sustainable.  It should be something you never want to give up on or quit once your vacation is over or your reunion has come and gone.
Your sustainable WHY should go much deeper so I'm challenging you to a 5 Why Challenge:

The 5 WHY challenge…

It’s all about asking yourself “WHY?!”  This little exercise is a powerful tool to help you uncover solutions to problems – both practical AND motivational! Plus your answers might surprise you.
Write down what you want to achieve. Why do I want to make a wellness change?  Is it to get back into shape?  Lose weight?  Cut out sugar?  What is the first thing to come to mind.   Now comes the fun part….Just ask why.  Why do you want to do that? (Write it down!) Then, ask why AGAIN. Continue for a total of 5 times.
Example from a BFF member who's name I will not disclose here: I want to lose 15 pounds.
  • Why do I want to lose 15 pounds? Because I want to fit back into my jeans.
  • Why do I want to fit back into my jeans? Because I feel self-conscious and my clothes aren’t fitting the way they used to.  I’ll feel more confident if I’m comfortable in my clothes.
  • Why do I want to feel more confident? Because right now, I hold myself back from being more social. If I feel more confident, I’ll be more outgoing.
  • Why do I want to be more social? It’s scary but I want to feel good about myself when I’m out with friends.  I want to have more FUN in my life and develop deeper relationships.
  • Why do I want to have more fun and develop deeper relationships? Because I’ve been feeling isolated and a little lonely.  I need a sense of adventure in my life!
When you dig a little deeper, you eventually get to the REAL underlying motivation for wanting to lose that 15 pounds. Sometimes our WHY actually isn’t about weight loss at all.
This is a game changer and will help you create a sustainable healthy lifestyle. I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Send me a DM on instagram or Facebook with your final BIG WHY. I'd love to celebrate and encourage you.  @burnfatandfeast
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