As we set healthy habits for the New Year, one goal that I hear a lot is getting up earlier to start the day.  Whether it’s getting up to workout or do a daily devotional, below are 8 tips to get up in the morning.

Create a Good Night Time Routine

Having a good night’s sleep is the number one priority in creating healthy habits.  Be sure to shut off all your electronics 1-2 hours before bed so that you can unwind and turn your brain off.  Take a bath or read a book to relax, but be sure to to go to bed earlier than you are used to so you get those extra (and needed) hours of sleep.

Set Out Your Equipment the Night Before

Get all your gear out and ready to start the morning.  If you are exercising first thing, be sure to lay out clothing, socks, shoes, or any equipment you might need.  Having everything ready to go will make it easier (and save time) while you start creating a morning routine.

Move Your Alarm Out of Reach

Move your phone or alarm clock out of your reach or even move it to another part of the room.  Having to get up and walk to turn off your wake up call requires you to physically get out of the bed.  You’ve won half the battle by just getting up from your warm and cozy sheets and waking up your body.

Turn the Lights On

Once you’ve pulled yourself out of the bed to turn off your alarm, flip on those bright lights!  The light is key to get what you need and move forward with your routine.


Our bodies are meant to move and studies prove that movement first thing in the morning has amazing benefits including boosting endorphins, increasing your focus and energy throughout the day, and helps better your mood.  Who doesn’t want to start their day feeling good!?

Start Slow

Don’t try to do everything at once.  Do start somewhere, but set realistic goals.  If you are wanting to get up first thing in the morning, start with 10 minute increments.  Get up 10 minutes earlier than before and slowly add more time as you get acclimated.  Repeat until you’ve hit your goal.  Starting slow is key to making life long habits along with consistency and repetition.

Stack Your Habits

Take a habit you do regularly and stack it with another habit that you want to be more consistent with in your daily routine. This could be pushing yourself to workout so that you can have your favorite morning protein shake.  Or treating yourself to a relaxing bath by shutting off your electronics for the evening.


The old motto of “practice makes perfect” still applies today.  Consistency and repetition are what it takes to make a life long healthy habit.  Give yourself 6-8 weeks for the habit to stick and I promise it will become second nature and just part of your daily routine.

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What healthy habits are you setting for the Year?