Are you avoiding strength training because you are afraid it will make you bulky? 

This is a common concern I hear from many of my Burn Fat and Feast clients–women who, like you, want to lose weight and get toned, but they refrain from doing any type of strength training exercises because they either don’t know how, are intimidated by weight lifting at the gym, or–most commonly–they feel strength training will make them look “bulky.”

As a woman and fitness professional who has incorporated strength training into my workout routine for over twenty years, I am here to tell you “getting bulky” is a strength training myth. And it is one that is keeping women from reaching their fitness and body composition goals. 

But, that’s not all. 

There are actually many strength training myths that are impacting women’s health, and I am here to tear them down for you one by one. 

So, let’s get started. 


Myth #1: “Strength training and weight lifting is for guys, not women.”

This may have been more true “back in the day,” but now, as women are beginning to realize the positive effects strength training has on their body and wellbeing, it’s not just a man’s world anymore. 

Multiple studies have shown that middle-aged adults lose 3% of their muscle strength each year. This number only increases for women after menopause. Combine this statistic with the hormone changes in our bodies and you’ll find strength training is even more beneficial for women. This is why my fitness program for women over 30 focuses on strength training as an aspect of whole-health. 

Strength training is not just for the boys. For us girls, it is essential, especially as we grow older. 


Myth #2: “Strength training will make me look big, bulky, and manly.”

This is definitely one of the most common strength training myths for women, and fortunately, it is nearly impossible. Due to the amount of estrogen and lack of testosterone naturally in women’s bodies, most women are physiologically unable to build so much muscle mass that they will begin to look bulky. We are not created to build muscle like a man. We are created to build muscle like a woman. 

So, if you desire a lean, sculpted physique, strength training will actually help you achieve this result. Your muscles will get stronger and begin to shape your body accordingly. When you combine strength training with a healthy diet and balanced fitness routine, you will burn calories, build muscle and, most importantly, look fit and healthy rather than bulky. 


Myth #3: “Strength training won’t help me lose weight–only cardio will.”

Many women I work with are focused solely on weight loss and believe the way to lose fat and reach their goal weight is to do an excessive amount of cardiovascular exercise. While it is valuable to incorporate some cardio into your fitness routine, this is not the only way or the best way to lose weight. 

Strength training burns calories, and the more muscle mass you have the more calories you burn–during and after your exercise. So, by strength training and building your muscle mass, you will actually burn more calories and lose more fat. 


Myth #4: “I don’t need to lift heavy weights for strength training to work.”

In an attempt to not look “bulky,” and to instead look “toned,” many women believe the myth that using lighter weights and doing more repetitions of an exercise will achieve this desired look. 

While this may help you increase your muscle endurance, it is not going to have a strong impact on your body composition because it does not burn a lot of fat. For strength training to effectively help you achieve your body composition results, it is important to push yourself with heavier weights and a variety of strength training exercises. 


Myth #5: “I don’t have a gym membership/I don’t want to go to the gym, so I can’t strength train.”

I get it–the gym can be an intimidating environment, especially for someone who is just starting out on their fitness and strength training journey. There are a variety of weights and machines to choose from, and if you aren’t sure how to work them, you may feel insecure and even embarrassed. 

While this is completely valid, it does not mean you can’t strength train. You can do a home-based strength training workout with home-based exercise equipment. To keep yourself accountable, you may consider joining an online women’s fitness program like Burn Fat and Feast. This community of women support and encourage each other, sharing workouts and strength training exercises to help you achieve your goals. 


Myth #6: “I tried strength training for a week, and it didn’t work for me.”

While it is true that women’s bodies will respond differently to strength training, it does work for everyone, but it also takes a bit of time. 

Most women will start seeing significant results in their body composition within six to eight weeks of consistently incorporating weight lifting into their workout routine. So, don’t give up! Stick with it, and you will achieve your fitness goals through strength training. 


Strength Train with Burn Fat and Feast 

Are you ready to tear down these strength training myths and start achieving your fitness and body composition goals with the help of weight lifting? You don’t have to have a gym membership and you won’t get “bulky.” Instead, you will experience numerous health benefits, including weight loss, mood enhancement, increased strength and endurance, and more! 

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