Some days your body craves a true FULL body workout, reaching ALL the places but you’re also in the mood to do something fresh and new. Well my friend, grab yourself a pair of sliders because these are the moves you need!

Workout sliders are a fun way to mix it up as they ask your body to engage the core, use balance, and work your muscles to the fullest. If you don’t have a pair, you can grab them on Amazon, Target or wherever is most convenient for you. Ready to do this workout today but don’t have sliders on hand? No problem. Simply grab a few towels and work it on a hard surface!

There are tons of amazing moves out there to use sliders in a workout but I wanted to tie it up in a box and give you my 4 ABSOLUTE FAVORITE MOVES for using sliders.

Grab your sliders (or towels!) and let’s get to it!




– Complete until fatigued –

Set yourself up in a plank, stacking your shoulder right above your hands in great form. Keep that body in a straight line and start doing mountain climbers (they don’t have to be fast!). Instead of a traditional mountain climber where your knee moves up to the corresponding side of the body, you are going to instead cross your knee to the opposite elbow.These are amazing because they work the core and you can go as fast as is fitting for you. Ready to pick up some speed with them? Go for it!!


– Complete until fatigued –

Starting in a plank position, move that booty to the sky keeping your hands on the ground. This is a pike-up! If you can’t get your feet on the sliders close to your hands, simply move as far to your hands on the sliders as is comfortable for you.


– Complete until fatigued – 

For the beast move, get on all fours and stack your shoulders on top of wrists. From this position, lift those knees off the ground just a few inches. This is a beast! #beastmode 🙂 With your feet on those sliders, now slide the sliders/feet in a circle back into a plank and then back into the beast position, all in one fluid motion. Check out the video here to see the full move in action!


With your heels on the sliders laying out your back on your mat, lift your back into a crunch with your hands to the sky, while at the same time sliding your feet towards the mat! This should feel like a traditional crunch but with the extra burn of your hamstrings engaging using those sliders. Keep pushing becuase this is your LAST MOVE!

You did it! Next time your complete this series, try to push yourself one level up on each move to keep progressing. Keep pushing and you will see improvement in no time! #progressoverperfection

Complete this workout and let me know what you think! Were the sliders surprisingly challenging?

P.S. Can’t squeeze the workout in now? No problem! Pin this for later so you can do it anytime.

workout using sliders