One of the topics that comes up often from many of my clients is how to break through their weight loss plateau. What they really MEAN is a health and fitness plateau. Is this you?

Hitting a plateau is a real thing. But let’s talk a little about what a weight loss plateau is. It is not really about weight loss. Don’t drive yourself crazy by getting on the scale every day or even every week. Use body measurements or how you feel or how your clothes fit – not just numbers on the scale – to determine your progress.

You are not in a weight loss plateau if you went on vacation and gained a few pounds. You are not in a weight loss plateau if you have been clean eating for one whole week with no results.

What is a plateau?

What is a plateau, then?? A plateau happens when you have truly been consistent with your clean eating and working out – day in, day out – for five to six weeks without seeing results.  Yes, you read that correctly – 5 to 6 WEEKS of consistent a fitness routine! It is important to give your body time to change.

Although one or two weeks without any results may FEEL like a weight loss plateau, it is not. After 5 – 6 weeks without any results, THEN you might want to try to take a closer look at your routine or eating to get out of the plateau. There are small changes you can make that will cause a huge impact on your body.

Take an honest look at your health and fitness routines

Clean Eating – The first thing to consider is your eating. Are you being honest with yourself about eating clean? Are you eating clean Monday through Friday, but relax on the weekends?

Working out – Next, we need to take a closer look at your work out routines. Are you working out hard and often Monday through Wednesday, but then you start slacking off the rest of the week?

These are the two keys to health and fitness. So, let’s talk more about how you are doing and how you can do better – and FINALLY see the results you are looking for.


3 steps to end your weight loss plateau

  1. Make a diary. During an entire week, write down in a journal or on your phone all of the foods you eat, when you ate, and how you felt. Keep track of how much water you drank each day too.Do the same for all of your workouts. Keep track of all of your workouts, length of time, time of day, and type of workout. How hard did you feel like you were working out? How did it make you feel?
  2. Analyze each day’s entry. At the end of your seven days of tracking, go back and look closely at each day. Make a list of any bad habits happening throughout your week? What can you improve on? Number of days working out? Drinking more water? Adding more vegetables?Pick one or two things that you can realistically change in your weekly habits. But please be honest with yourself. Can you really change this? Will you stick with this change for the long run, 4-5 weeks? Make the change in your habits, and you will see results!
  3. Finally, my challenge to you. Tweak ONE nutrition item – EAT MORE VEGETABLES! It is very easy to say that you are eating healthy all the time, but it is very possible that you aren’t eating enough veggies.I’m challenging you to add 2 more servings of vegetables to your daily diet every day. Add it in your salads, to your sandwich, however you want to add it in. Vegetables are a key ingredient to fill up your body and make you feel full and satisfied all day.

The results are in

Give my three challenge tips a try, and keep me posted on how it goes for you! I absolutely love the hard work my clients put in. Seeing your results is my favorite part of the job!

Comment below or send me your progress pics on Facebook or Instagram. I am looking forward to seeing all of your hard work pay off!

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