I love getting questions from clients and potential clients. Last week I was asked on multiple occasions during consultations….

Why does burn fat and feast work?

What’s different about it?

 I’m thrilled to answer those questions for you today and thank you for asking.
So, here’s the deal….
If you don’t know anything about my Burn Fat and FEAST program, it is a program that I personally created. It is online, meaning you do not have to live in my community to do it.  We have a community page where I support, encourage and train you along the way. It is a fitness as well as a nutrition plan that has worked time and time again for now hundreds and hundreds of women as well as some men. Find out more about the 7 week program HERE.

So, why does it work and what makes it different?

  • It works because we change things. We change things every single day. Now I’m talking about changing things in your workout and your nutrition.  If you want to see change we know we need to do something different. If you continue to do the same thing you continue to see the same results. Right? That comes with everything. Now even if you’re someone who is eating clean and you’re eating the right foods every day, but you’re eating the same foods every single day… Even if you’re doing that you’re not going to see changes. You have to make changes with your nutrition as well as your workouts in order to see results. So, that’s one of the things that I educate you on in the program and I educate you on how you do certain workouts and pair with your nutrition. It’s not just ‘hey go do workout and eat healthy.’  There’s actually a reason that we do a strength training workout verses a cardio workout and then we eat different ways depending on how we workout that day. There is always a method to the madness
  • The second way Burn Fat and FEAST is different and why it works is because we eat carbohydrates. Yep, you got that right. We eat carbohydrates! That’s why this program WORKS and is SUSTAINABLE. Sustainable is the key. This is key for me here because I don’t want this to be a quick fix for you and do not want this to be a 6, 7 weeks and you’re done and you go back to old habits. The reason it is sustainable is because we eat carbohydrates. Guess what? Our bodies need carbohydrates. Plain and simple. They need carbohydrates. The reason why low carbohydrate diets don’t work is because it’s not sustainable. You feel deprived. If you feel deprived, day in and day out, week after week, you will give up. We eat carbohydrates and it works.
  • The third reason that the BFF program works and people get so many great results, is that we track our macros. There were so many years that I went through life and felt I was eating healthy protein and carbohydrates, but I wasn’t tracking what I was eating. My macronutrients, my protein, carbs and fats, were totally off. I thought I was doing well, but I wasn’t.  When I started tracking what I was eating every day, I realized I was deficient in certain areas… So, we track. Do we count calories? Do we count points? No, but we track what’s important. Those are our macro and micronutrients.
  • The next reason that it works is because we give our body a chance to rest. Now when I say rest, I mean both physically as well as digestively. So, obviously you know that you need to work out, but you also need to give your body a chance to recover. We don’t work out seven days a week. We give our bodies a chance to rest. We have days where we stretch or do yoga or pilates type of workout and we have other days where we bang through tough workouts. It works because we change and we also give our body a chance to rest. We also give our body a chance to rest on the inside, digestively. We do NOT eat 6 meals a day. We’re not going to be eating every two hours throughout the day on this program because we need to give our insides a chance to rest as well. Your digestive system has to rest and so we have periods of time where we’re eating and we have periods of time when we’re not eating…and it works.  We tap into those fat stores and it boosts your metabolism as well.
  • The next reason Burn Fat and FEAST works and how it’s different is the support and accountability. You have that community right there with you in your corner. They are there to support and encourage you along the way and it’s also where I give you daily trainings…Every. single. day. I’m not going to allow you to go under the radar. I’m not going to allow you to be part of the group and not participate. That accountability is key. It is the secret sauce that’s missing in most programs and gyms. I’m not just going to throw some workouts at you. I’m going to expect that you check in and that you’re going to show up day in and day out.
I asked some of my clients and repeat clients earlier this week what their thoughts were on why Burn Fat and FEAST works.
Here’s what they said:
Number one, it works because we change things every day.
The second one that I got time and time again was the accountability. My clients repeat my program because of the accountably; not because they don’t know the information, because they want to know I’m in their ear every single day. So, they rejoin the group for that accountability piece.
The third thing that my former and repeat clients mentioned was the training. I give you training seven days a week in the program.  My clients typically say they didn’t expect to get that much training out of the seven weeks. They actually feel like the training was a big piece and reason they made Burn Fat a lifestyle. I show you how nutritionally to change your diet. How with your workouts you need to change things up. I give you the HOW and WHY in the program. I don’t just say “hey guess what you’re going to go do cardio today. Let me know how it was”. That’s not what happens in the program. I tell you how and why. Every single step of the way I’m teaching you not just what to do, how and why to do it. The training is a huge piece of the puzzle!