Today we’re going to talk about a dietary approach that most people have heard about, and likely even tried out themselves…a low carb diet. First off, if you’ve been following some of my content, you know I’m not a huge fan of the word “diet.” While I do want you to reach your goals of shedding excess pounds and feeling stronger and healthier, I don’t think you need to deprive yourself to get there. Hear me out on this one.

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How often do you hear someone say they live a “low-carb” lifestyle? Here’s the deal. Low-carbohydrate diets can work very well… at first. I’ve heard so many people, and I’m sure you have too, say they’ve lost a substantial amount of weight using this approach. I probably hear 5-10 clients a month come to me and say, “I’ve did really well with a low carb diet… maybe I should go back to that!” This is a completely rational desire but if this is you, I encourage you to look at why this approach didn’t turn into your new long-term routine. Here’s the problem… how often do you hear someone say they live a “low-carbohydrate” lifestyle? While low-carb diets can get you results in the short-term, this approach to eating may have you feeling deprived and ready to quit in no time. In fact, 95% of people will not stick with a “low carb diet.” Most women (and some men) I work with want results plus sustainability and I have a feeling you want that too!

But let’s be real… the short-term results of a low-cab diet can be SO tempting and the hype of the low-carb approach can feel like the win you are looking for. Let me explain a little bit about why you should think twice about taking on a “low-carb diet” for long-term lifestyle changes and weight loss.

Why is it that low carb diets “work” but we aren’t able to stick with them? When you deplete your body of excess carbohydrates, your body is more likely to tap into those stored fats for fuel. When your body has to tap into your fat stores for fuel, you lose weight- YES! But here’s the thing… you don’t just lose fat, you also lose muscle. This is concerning because as we age—as early as our mid-twenties!—we naturally start losing muscle already. The ultimate result of a low-carb diet often results in relatively quick weight loss, but also not the toned body composition you may feel like you are working so hard for. The seemingly endless cycle of stopping and starting a low-carb diet can also result in continuous muscle loss, which likely doesn’t fit into your list of health goals either. In My Burn Fat & Feast Program many workouts also call for 30 minutes of high-intensity training. Carbohydrates are important for replenishing our bodies of the stress of these workouts so we can strengthen our muscles and get the energy we deserve!

When all is said and done- WE NEED CARBS & WE SHOULD EAT THEM! On a pure health level, carbohydrates are also an important part of your macronutrient intake. In fact, carbs are 1 of our 3 macronutrients. Macros are essentials for our bodies to function optimally. So when it comes down to it… we need carbs & we should eat them! I filmed a live stream all about this topic on my Facebook Page and got more than a few comments that said, “I love carbs!” Ladies- I’m with you. Let me repeat- we need carbs and we should eat them! There IS a way to eat carbs and get big results.

The deprivation you feel on a low-carb diet is NOT in your head. Most of us experience this! As a trainer and mentor to hundreds of folks looking to make health changes, I find most individuals want the balance of feeling healthy and strong without sacrificing the enjoyment that comes with appreciating food with friends and family. The low-carb approach can help drop those sticky pounds but will likely put you in a calorie deficit. As a long-term plan, a constant calorie deficit will make the body stop responding and hold onto every ounce of fat that it has. At this point, many people start to feel like they are hitting a plateau, despite all the hard work to stay on track.

My ultimate goal for every single client I work with is a balanced and sustainable lifestyle approach through which you can reach your goals. I love hearing my clients lost 15 pounds or 15 inches on the 7-week Burn Fat & Feast Program, but it doesn’t give me nearly as much joy as when I hear one year, or two years later, that this client has kept off the weight and still feels amazing with their new lifestyle. My goal for you isn’t just to fit into that dress or show up feeling great at your class reunion. I want you to have all of that with a new lifestyle in tow that you are not yearning to ditch ASAP.

You get a feel for why the low-carb approach CAN get you results, however there are a few BUTs involved that may restrict your long-term commitment to the “diet.”

If you are interested in burning more fat each day without feeling deprived and while still getting the optimal results you are looking for, I encourage you to read a little more about My Burn Fat and Feast program.

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