You’re completely over feeling sick and tired — all the time.

You’re a busy woman, and you’ve tried all the things to get healthy. And while they seem to work at first, you fall off the wagon

— Every. Dang. Time.

A ‘Fitness Program’ You Will Love:

You’re overwhelmed and frustrated and just want to feel sexy in your own skin.

You feel discouraged from having tried so many failed diets — low carb, high carb, no-carb. Why is food so hard? Eating less and working out more does not work for you. You feel like you’ve tried everything, and you’re completely stuck.

You’re starting to notice your body’s hormonal changes, and you wonder if you should simply accept that this is the best it’s going to get — UGH!

You’re ready to throw in the towel and just give in to feeling bloated, heavy, and exhausted — it’s just a part of getting older, so you may as well get used to it.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

There’s no one-size-fits-all lifestyle program.


. . . knowing exactly what to eat and when — and best of all, enjoying more food than ever, and you’re switching up the meals on your plate every day!


You’re excited to get up in the morning, slip into your workout clothes, and move your body. Even better, you’re working out way less than you used to — only 20 to 30 minutes, and you’re done and ready to conquer the day!


You’re feeling in control of your health now because you’re learning easy-to-understand information about how and why you eat and move in a particular way and taking daily action.


You’re noticing positive results, and you love what you see in the mirror — your clothes fit better, you’re leaner, stronger, and healthier.

And look at that butt!

Even better, you have an intimate community right beside you every step, lunge, and push-up of the way.

You deserve to feel your best and live your life fully.

That’s why I created Burn Fat and Feast:
The Wellness Program & Sisterhood.

Hi, I’m Sarah.

I’m a Personal Trainer, Fitness Instructor, and Nutrition Coach for women 30+ who are ready to live a healthy and strong lifestyle.

For more than 22 years, I’ve been teaching them how to balance their hormones and metabolism through proper nutrition and quick and effective fitness workouts so that they can take back control of their health and finally feel their best.

Go from overwhelmed and complicated to strong and successful.

Even if you’ve tried every diet, 12-week program, and 3-step plan promising fast and lasting results, The Burn Fat and Feast Program is for you.

Women who are the most successful and continue the momentum make it a lifestyle — and the best way to do this is with a sisterhood and ongoing education.

If you…

  • Are a woman who’s 30+
  • Have no time to mess around as a busy mom, partner, or friend, making complicated meals and following a tedious workout plan
  • Prefer to live a life outside of the gym
  • Value nutrition and fitness education and understanding the why behind the how
  • Thrive inside an intimate and close-knit community

Then The Burn Fat and Feast Lifestyle & Sisterhood is for you.

Commit to your healthy lifestyle. Commit to you.

The Burn Fat and Feast Lifestyle is specifically designed in phases:

Phase 1

HEAL – 7 Weeks

Heal your body from the inside out.

You’ll cultivate a whole new mindset to set you up for success.

You’ll gain strength and energy through proper nutrition, and learn how to fuel your body at the right times throughout your day.

After your first 7 weeks, you’ll have more control over your food, will be noticeably stronger, and will feel energized all day.

Phase 2

FUEL – 6 weeks

Turn up the heat!

Once your body begins to heal, you’ll fuel it for a healthy lifestyle. You’ll fire up your fat loss and feel more energy during your day.

You are well on your way to creating your new lifestyle. You’re stronger, more flexible, leaner, sleeping better, less bloated, happier, and are walking around like a confident woman.

Heck, you’ve even got some swagger!

Phase 3

IGNITE – 13 weeks + beyond

A lifetime of living your best life.

Our bodies adapt quickly, which means we need constant change.

You’ll get continued results when you keep your body guessing.

Buh-bye plateaus, hello new goal after new goal!

You’ll get all the support you need to stay excited about your leaner, healthier, and stronger life with this program.

Here’s what you get:

Phase 1: HEAL

For the first 7 weeks of the Burn Fat and Feast Program, you’ll create new healthy habits as you build your strength, flexibility, and a stronger mind! With a focus on gut health, these new routines will help heal your body from the inside out.


One-on-One Personalized Support

The Burn Fat and Feast Program is different because you get me, a trained and certified nutrition and fitness professional to answer your questions every step of the way on your health and fitness journey.


Lifestyle Prep Week

You’ll get all the essentials to set you up for a lifetime of positive results. For your first week, you’ll join a live group kickoff video Q&A with Sarah along with daily training videos teaching you how to meal prep, grocery shop, and get your kitchen and everything ready for your workouts.


Daily Meal and Workout Plans

Wake up and know exactly what you’ll eat and how you’ll move your body that day. We take all the guesswork out of food and exercise so you can focus on getting stronger.

Community Support

From week 1, day 1, you get access to the supportive Burn Fat and Feast sisters. Your fellow BFF-Lifestylers are either starting with the first step just like you are, or are just a few weeks ahead of you and have been in your sneakers.

PDF Get Started Workbook

You’ll get a downloadable guide to help you get started, which also includes some guidelines on how to take before photos — you’ll be so glad you did to see your weight loss transformation! You’ll also get some simple and satisfying recipes and meal plans.


Wellness Journal

Track your workouts, meals, gratitude, daily and weekly intentions and evaluate each week of your journey inside this downloadable and printable PDF. Imagine how proud you’ll feel when you look back on your progress after a few months!


22 Workout Videos

Fast, fun, engaging, and challenging. With this Weight Loss Fitness Program, you’ll get 22 workouts that you can do at home and even on the go with very little equipment. You’ll likely be working out for less time than you’re used to — we get it in and get it done so you can get on with your day.

The workouts vary from barre, Pilates fusion, weight training, body weight strengthening, cardio circuits, lower and upper body workouts, kickboxing, plyometrics, HIIT (high-intensity, interval) training, agility, tabatas, cardio speed intervals, core, and full-body circuits.


Plain English Food Guides

You’ll get all the easy-to-understand information to take the guesswork out of eating.

  1. Healthy Eating Out and Fast Food Guide for when fast food is the only food
  2. BFF-Trusted Gluten and Dairy-Free Brand list
  3. Clean 15 and Dirty Dozen produce guide for smart organic eating
  4. On the Go Healthy Snack List with macros included

Phase 2: FUEL

You’ve just rocked the foundational 7-weeks in this Wellness Program, and now you get additional fitness workouts, educational videos and even more ways to nutritionally integrate the Burn Fat and Feast Lifestyle.


42 Workout Videos

You’ll get 21 new home workouts to give you even more variety. These workouts are designed to keep your body guessing and burning more fat. Just like the BFF HEAL videos, these are fast and fun!

Daily Meal and Workout Plans

Wake up and know exactly what you’ll eat and how you’ll move your body each day. We take all the guesswork out of food and exercise so you can focus on getting stronger and fueling your lifestyle.

Buh-Bye Plateaus

You’ll learn three additional ways to incorporate carb cycling and intermittent fasting into your routine, which keeps your body guessing — that means no plateaus!

6 Weeks of Daily Training Videos

You’ll get a brand new training video every weekday that takes the foundations learned in HEAL and builds on them. You’ll discover how to incorporate different types of workouts, increase productivity, balance hormones and how to handle holidays and vacations as you turn your healthy new habits into a lifestyle.

Phase 3: IGNITE

Imagine, it’s 13 weeks from today, and you’re leaner, stronger, healthier, and feeling happier and more balanced. Where do you go from here? We ignite my friend!

Constant improvement and the pursuit of excellence is the name of the game for the Burn Fat and Feast Lifestyler. You’re a pro now, and you get access to even more tools to support you — for life!


A new wellness-focused theme

– each month with live video calls and training to keep you up to date on the most current information.


Weekly and Monthly community challenges

– for some fun competition to fuel your continued motivation.


Exclusive monthly video trainings from Sarah

— attend live or catch the recording to deepen your wellness knowledge and stay at the driver’s wheel of your health.

Quarterly guest speakers

– to provide more wellness education on topics such as food sensitivities, the psychology of a healthy lifestyle, supplements, and more.


New recipes each month

– to grow your collection and keep your meals fresh and fun — including low carb, regular macro and feast day treats.


Weekly Q&A calls

– to get answers to all your Nutrition and Fitness Program questions regarding weight loss, nutrition, and more!


VIP discounts

– on programs, events, and from our expert speakers.


New workouts each month

These will be varied and challenging to add to your current workout library.

Grocery shopping template

– to help make trips to the grocery store easier.


Monthly nutrition and fitness workout guides

– so you know how to eat and move every single day.


Continued support from your Burn Fat and Feast sisters

— many members get together regularly in person and develop life-long friendships.

Express Shred Program

when you need a fast kick start before or after a holiday or vacation.

Weekly live workouts to add to your growing library

— Sisters that workout together get even stronger! You’ll keep access to all the previous workouts for as long as you’re a member. You’ll be able to search the video library for all workouts and education — perfect for travel or when you only have 10 minutes.

Yes, you’ll look better. Even better, you’ll feel amazing — from the inside out.


Option 1: MONTHLY

3 monthly payments of $107
$62/month after that

Option 2 : BEST VALUE

Pay in full for 3 months at $297
$62/month after that

Cancel anytime, there’s no minimum requirement.

Become a Burn Fat and Feast Lifestyler today & Join this Wellness Program!

With an ever-changing Wellness Program, workouts to keep your body guessing and moving forward, and a close-knit community of sisters personally supporting Fitness and Wellness, you’ll enjoy the Burn Fat and Feast Lifestyle for life!


Do I need to cancel my gym membership?
Only if you want to! The Burn Fat and Feast Lifestyle program is a comprehensive plan that includes every piece of the wellness puzzle to ensure success over the long haul. That’s why we dive deep into nutrition, fitness, accountability, and confidence. This is also why we pair how we workout each day to how we eat. This is easy to overlook but is KEY to a sustainable lifestyle.

Many members continue with their favorite gym workouts and have success. You may need to tweak your gym schedule to fit certain nutrition days. You’ll also get more than 40 different workouts by the FUEL phase that you can do anywhere you choose — at home, the gym and even on vacation. And once you’re in the IGNITE phase, your library of searchable workouts will grow every month!

Also, I’d like to challenge you to take an honest look at your current gym routine. If it was working well, would you be here? Read more about my recommendations for continuing your favorite workouts during the program here:

Link: Incorporating Favorite Workouts : Burn Fat and Feast Program/

What if I change my mind and want to cancel?
You can cancel anytime. If you decide after a month that the program isn’t for you, there’s a no-hassle cancel policy.
Can I get a refund if I don’t like it?
Because of the nature of the digital content, all purchases are final. You can cancel your membership at anytime.
I’m breastfeeding, is this for me?
Yes! We may modify your calorie intake and make some small changes on fasting days. The important thing to remember is to fuel your body appropriately and keep an eye on your milk supply. We monitor nursing mamas very closely during the program.
Do I need to purchase any shakes or additional items?
No! You’ll learn about supplements such as bone broth, BCAAs, collagen, and probiotics; however, you are not required to buy a thing — our discussions are simply for your education.
Am I a good fit for this lifestyle program?
If you’re a woman who’s feeling frustrated with all the conflicting information and want to break out of “food jail,” are tired of traditional diets, counting calories, and feeling defeated because you don’t have time to get to the gym — then YES! This lifestyle is for you!

If you’re 30+, have less than 100 pounds to lose, this lifestyle is also for you. Even if it’s been years since you’ve done a push-up, this lifestyle can work for you.

Can I only do one phase?
After leading thousands of women through these lifestyle programs for 22+ years, I’ve learned that the clients who get the best results and stick to the program adopt these simple changes for life. Every video, worksheet, workout, and meal is purposefully-designed to help you make the changes bit-by-bit for continual, positive results.
I’m gluten-free/vegan/vegetarian/have food allergies, is this for me?
Yes! We recommend avoiding gluten and dairy because they’re two of the biggest inflammatories in our body and gut. Since our gut houses over 80% of our immune system and bad gut health increases our risk for disease, this is a big deal!

You’ll enjoy a variety of mainly paleo-ish foods. We say “ish” because you can enjoy some grains. We’ll dig deeper into this information inside the videos. You’ll also get lots of details and recipes for how to swap out foods you don’t eat.

What does a typical day look like in terms of food?
If you love variety, you’ll love this lifestyle. Every day is different, which is why it works for the long term. You’ll focus on tracking macros rather than tracking every calorie you put in your mouth. Regardless of the varied days, you’ll always eat macronutrients (protein, fat, and carbs). Your beautiful bod will get what it needs for optimum performance, so lean protein in meats, carbohydrates in fruits, veggies, and grains and healthy fats in nuts, avocado, and oils are key.
Is this lifestyle program complicated?
No way! You’re a busy lady, so we keep it simple. I walk you through the process step-by-step. Each day and week for the first 13 weeks, you’ll learn something new. You’ll not only discover what to do and eat but the purpose behind it. Learning to count macros takes a bit of practice, but after a week or two, this kind of lifestyle will become second nature. In fact, this type of lifestyle allows for flexibility and helps you feel in control of the foods you eat.

This way of living has truly revolutionized my life and the lives of hundreds of my clients and members. You can read more about their testimonials and success here:

Read Our Testimonials

I’m not good at math. What do you mean I will “track my macros”?
There’s no math involved. You’ll simply enter your food into a free app, and it will calculate everything for you.
What are macros?
Macronutrients are the three things our bodies need to function optimally every day; they are proteins, fats, and carbohydrates.
Can I eat like this forever?
Absolutely! After just 13 weeks, you’ll feel confident to use this daily and tweak it to fit your lifestyle during vacations, holidays, and everywhere your busy life takes you.
What kind of results will I see?
Most women who follow this lifestyle program lose, on average 10 pounds, and 10-15 inches. Everyone is different so there are no guarantees when it comes to dropping pounds and inches. Regardless of what the scale says, you’ll feel like a new woman with a new outlook on food, have more confidence, and a lifestyle you can easily sustain.
I’ll be on vacation soon. Should I start another time?
The best time to start was yesterday. The next best time is today! There’s never a “perfect” time in life anyway. Members who begin and have a trip planned get to learn “real world” experiences and triggers quickly, which gives us time to talk through them and troubleshoot moving forward.
What if I need more support?
At any time, you have the option to book a private one-on-one strategy call with Sarah at a special BFF-Lifestyler rate.

Don’t Wait Any Longer to Look and Feel Your Best!

Join our sisters supporting fitness and wellness