Another amazing participant result story! Read about how the Burn Fat and Feast bootcamp programs helped Wendy change her health, and her life.

She started out not understanding how to incorporate intermittent fasting into her meal planning. The program taught her just that – AND how to make it last well beyond the 6-week program.

Wendy’s results came mostly from the kitchen. She had physical limitations, but by trying as hard as she could to do the exercises and following the eating plans very closely, she was very pleased with her results!

Read about Wendy’s transformation in her own words:


“I just turned 58 last week, and I feel like I finally have a nutrition and workout regime I can follow and get excited about. I just had a full hip replacement in May and was really looking forward to getting active again. It had been a good five months since I had been able to do anything physical, so I was excited to join Sarah’s group and get backĀ  into exercising. When Sarah explained the program to me, I knew the nutritional part was going to be critical because I was going to need modifications on some of the exercises and perhaps not be able to complete all the rounds as encouraged. But, I had to start somewhere, and I resolved myself to do what I could and make modifications where needed.

Before starting the Burn Fat & Feast Program, I had a fairly good eating habits – so I thought – with eating good fats and lots of fresh veggies. I had been accustomed, though, to thinking I had to eat three meals a day, at 7, 12 and 5, with two snacks of 150 calories or more at 10 and 2. I also tried to get 25 grams of protein within the first hour of waking up.

The problem with all this is that I’m not always hungry first thing in the morning, and I felt like I was constantly thinking about eating! That’s why I love the am fast of the program and even the Friday 24-hour fast. I need the variety of an eating schedule. I have always heard about intermittent fasting and a feast day, but I got confused when I tried to learn more about it on the various websites. I needed the guidance of Sarah’s program to break it down and provide me with an appropriate exercise workout to fit the eating plan.

The most important takeaway from this program is VARIETY! I need to eat differently and shake up my workouts each day to get my body to respond. I probably have not seen the most successful results from the overall program due to my limitations of exercising, but I have seen a lot of toning and strengthening in my body, which is a huge benefit.

My many months and years of not being able to workout and play sports as I have my entire life, left me with some muscle atrophy, especially in the left quad, glute, vmo and TFL. I see a difference each week in my ability to do moves that I previously had not been able to do.


Wendy, thanks again for participating in the Burn Fat & Feast and Elite programs.

We are so proud of you, and we hope your successes will inspire others to begin their fitness journey!

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