If you are familiar with my approach to healthy living, you know I’m not into cheats or unsustainable shortcuts.

“Secret weapons” and “hacks” are not terms I’m used to using around here…

My Burn Fat and Feast lifestyle has proven enjoyable, effective, and sustainable for hundreds of determined women looking for real results. We don’t waste time, but we do put in the work!

That only makes me even more of a superfan when I find a true secret-weapon that helps me maintain my healthy lifestyle and savor precious moments with my family during my busy days.

Meet the ultimate trick-up-my-sleeve, time-saver: Freshly.

With the rising trend of meal delivery solutions, I spent my fair share of time researching options.

I thought, how great would it be to spend less time cooking for my family and more time sitting around the table and enjoying them?! I was interested in a delivery service that was quick and healthy. If I was going to opt for meal deliveries over groceries and cooking on a regular basis, there was no sacrificing on either of those!

In researching, I found many of the options took too much time to prepare or didn’t meet my nutrition interests.

… Then I found Freshly and let me just say, it’s the real deal!

  • Chef-Prepared, All-natural Meals
  • Always Gluten Free
  • Ready to serve in just 3 minutes
  • Choose a meal plan that fits your lifestyle (Need 4 meals a week? 12 meals a week? You got it.)
  • Meals are delivered fresh and never frozen
  • No need to be home when delivered
  • Skip a week or cancel anytime
  • Delicious meals

Of all of the above, here are a few keys that made me want to share how much I love the brand with you all.

  1. The fact that meals are delivered fresh and only take 3 minutes to prepare. When they say 3 minutes, they mean it! Most other services send you all the ingredients but you’re still stuck with all the time actually prepping and cooking the dish. Freshly saves so.much.time!
  2. Skip a week or cancel anytime. This is one you might not think about but is important. Going on vacation? Going to be cooking for everybody and their brother at your home over the holidays? No problem- just put a stall on your plan. Life happens and you shouldn’t pay for a service you aren’t using.
  3. Of course, healthy AND delicious is a must and they nailed it. If Freshly’s offerings sound appealing to you, I encourage you to give them a try and see how tasty the options are. I think you’ll be impressed!

Freshly makes my weekdays easier, healthier, and tastier. Use my link and get 6 dinners for only $39 for 2 weeks ($40 in savings)!


Ready to achieve big results with your New Years health goals? Combine Burn Fat & Feast with Freshly for a winning 2018 strategy you can keep up with well past January. Feel free to email me if you have any questions>> thomas.sarahb@gmail.com