After working with hundreds of clients with my Burn Fat & Feast Program, I found nutrition to be the greatest pain point for most busy families. When you’re already focused on implementing new healthy habits into your life, you don’t need to be coming up with a new cookbook of recipes on sticky notes every night at the same time! I completely get it and want to take all that guesswork out for you.


In alignment with My Burn Fat and Feast Program, I wanted to provide my clients, and others looking for truly healthy meal solutions, a guide for easy meal planning. Your meals should be satisfying, taste amazing, and really fuel you and your family! And yes… you SHOULD be able to enjoy a chocolate chip cookie or glass of red wine here and there without the guilt.

This all led me to the 56-page Burn Fat & Feast Cookbook created with Angela Roberts, Publisher and Founder of Spinach Tiger, a recipe blog with the tag line, “big fat healthy food.” The cookbook is jammed packed with 25 amazing + 4 bonus recipes organized around the Burn Fat & Feast lifestyle of carb cycling, intermittent fasting, and feast days. If this all sounds new to you, you can learn all about it here but also rest assured that we provide context on all these topics in the cookbook itself as well.

The cookbook includes healthy versions of pancakes, pastas, and brownie bites, as well as delicious recipes for meals your family will love like Chicken Turmeric with Sweet Potatoes and Tuscan Roast Pork with Root Vegetables. All the delicious options aside, what truly makes this cookbook different is it’s meant to set you up for success. I spent years eating what I thought to be healthy foods that in truth were not optimized for the results I was looking for. When I implemented the Burn Fat & Feast lifestyle with recipes like you will find in this cookbook, a shift happened for me personally and ultimately led to my creation of the 7 Week Burn Fat & Feast Program. Every recipe is about food that will make you feel great and give you a nutritional roadmap to reach your goals. While calorie counts are helpful, we take it a step further by outlining the macronutrient distribution of protein, carbs, and fats in each and every meal. Depending on your workout and nutritional goals for the day, you can meal prep accordingly to make sure you feel energized and healthier each day.

This cookbook is a GAMECHANGER and I can’t wait for you to get inspired in the kitchen and reach every goal you’re going for! Purchase The Burn Fat & Feast Cookbook for $24.99 Here