Are you dragging through your day and wondering how you can possibly increase your energy without 5 cups of a coffee and a Red Bull? If you answered yes, you are not alone.

The key to increasing our energy each day is by creating a positive, impactful, morning routine.  Moving our bodies first thing in the morning sets the tone for the day and boosts are moods.  Multiple studies have proven that if we want more energy throughout the day, we MUST get up and move our bodies, plus there are so many added benefits to get your workout done first thing.

We all have the most energy we are going to have throughout the day in the mornings.  Our energy depletes as the day goes on so getting up and moving our bodies even for 30 minutes a day could have positive results in the long run.

5 Tips to Get Started and get into a Morning Routine

1. Go to Bed

Getting plenty of sleep seems so simple yet one of the hardest steps for so many of us.  Kid activities, Netflix, social media, and so many other distractions keep us from getting the shut eye we need.  Be sure to put things in place to make it easier for you to get in bed.  That may mean putting your phone on airplane mode, charging it in another room, or turning the TV off so that you can carve out space for your brain to shut off and relax.  See our recent blog post about the 5 benefits of getting a good night’s sleep.

2. Put Your Alarm in the Other Room

Whether you use your phone or an alarm clock, move your device to another room.  Doing this will require you to get up and out of the bed when it goes off.  You’ll already be two feet on the ground which can sometimes be the hardest part of the process.

3. Look at Your “WHY”

On the mornings I struggle to get out of bed, I’ll read through my “WHY’s”.  I have a running list of why’s in my NOTES app on my phone that I read through on a regular basis.  Questions to ask yourself if you might be struggling to get out of bed. ” What is getting up and moving my body going to do for me today?”  “How will I feel when I’m done?”  “What will this do for my mood for the rest of the day?”.  Knowing your WHY should be motivation to get out of bed and move your body.

4. Listen to Your Self Talk

A negative mindset will talk you out of pretty much anything.  Speaking positive things to yourself (even outloud) will set the tone for your morning workout as well as the rest of your day.  Instead of saying “I have to get up and workout early.” say “I get to go and move my body tomorrow”.  Remember you are investing in your health and wellness and having a positive mindset is key to an impactful morning routing.

5.  Commit

Try it out for 30 days.  Not once a week for 30 days, but consecutively for the next 30 days.  Revisit after the time is up and see how you feel.  Look to see how it has changed your life.  Be sure to notice an increase in your overall energy throughout the day.

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