We will be featuring some of our past participants of the Burn Fat & Feast and Elite programs. We want to celebrate and share these amazing women with everyone. They have worked so hard on their journey to a healthy lifestyle!

Today we are featuring Libby. Read this Q&A about Libby’s fitness goals and how she tackled them!


Q&A with Libby Sullivan

Tell us a little about you, where you live, children, occupation, etc.

Hi! My name is Libby Sullivan. I am currently a stay-at-home mom in Franklin, Tennessee with my two children, ages 8 and 4. I recently completed Sarah’s Burn Fast and Feast six-week program, followed by the Burn Fat and Feast Elite program.  


Describe your nutrition before starting the Burn Fat and Feast program.

Before I began Burn Fat and Feast, I tried to eat healthy most of the time, but that mostly looked like a cycle of eating healthy for a while, followed by starting to feel confident about my eating habits and then “treating” myself with less-than-healthy foods, only to go back to eating healthy after treating myself too long!


Describe your fitness routine before starting the Burn Fat and Feast program.

My workout routine was pretty similar. I enjoyed going to the gym, but really limited it to days that it would fit my schedule or when I was trying hard to get back on the healthy wagon.


What made you decide to join this program?

Sarah challenged us to find our “why” in the first program. I had never put my finger on it, but my why is my daughter. I see the same attitude about wellness in her that I had as a child. I thought that workouts and wellness plans were for athletes, and that wasn’t my “thing”. I want her to see that being strong and healthy is for everyone, not just people who play sports.  The nutrition component also played a big part, too.  It’s the perfect example I want my children to see: eating healthy, but also not depriving yourself of life’s celebrations. In other words, a good balance.


How do you feel now that you have graduated?

Since I’ve graduated Burn Fat and Feast, I really just feel in control and confident in my eating habits. I love that I’ve never felt like this was a diet that I couldn’t wait to finish. If anything, I have felt more full than usual! I also love the variety that comes with this program. Each day’s nutrition plan is a little different, so you can always look forward to a variety. I didn’t just have to eat the same things every day, and I never felt deprived of the things I enjoy. I’ve just learned how to plan better.


Share with us 2 successes, things you learned or what your biggest takeaways were upon completion.

One of the things that kept me from trying the program sooner was the at-home workouts. I thought I needed the accountability of a class in a gym to really push me to work hard. I have been so surprised at how this is the part I’ve liked best. I love the freedom this gives my day. I get up and knock it out, and then I don’t have to plan a time to go to the gym. The workouts paired with the day’s nutrition have given me so much energy that lasts throughout the day.
I highly recommend Sarah’s program, especially if you are looking to learn about how to make a healthy lifestyle change. I have not only lost pounds and inches, but I have learned so much about wellness in the process.

Libby, thanks again for participating in the Burn Fat & Feast and Elite programs.

We are so proud of you, and we hope your successes will inspire others to begin their fitness journey!

To learn more about the Burn Fat & Feast program, CLICK HERE.