We’ve all been there.  We make promises of a new and improved version of ourselves each and every year (or more).  We get started on our wellness journey with hopes of a better bikini body, fitting into those jeans from college, losing x amount of weight before that reunion or something else.  So what went wrong?  Did you over commit?  Did you try to cut out all the things ALL at once?  Below are 5 reasons why you’ve started and stopped your wellness journey, plus a bonus tip to help as you get started.

You do not have a clear WHY.

Your WHY is the foundation for your success.  It needs to be deeper than “just looking sexy in a bathing suit”.  Your why needs to be so deeply rooted that you won’t give up and quit.  Sometimes this is hard to determine and we discuss that a lot in the Burn Fat and Feast program.  Remember too, your why can also change as our seasons of life change.

The focus has been on weight loss rather than fat loss.

Our brains are trained to step on the scale and determine our success based on the number that we see.  Focusing on the scale is a terrible indication of where we are and what is happening both inside and outside our bodies.  We need to look at the big picture.  How do you feel?  How do your clothes fit?  Do you have more energy?  Losing weight can be a positive result, but we are also losing other things like water weight and muscle mass.  Losing weight and watching the scale is only one tool to measure our success.

You do not know how to properly track your food.

Tracking your food PLUS knowing how much to eat and what to eat is a huge factor in your wellness journey.  The “eat less, move more” approach doesn’t work long term and you do not always need portion control to see fat loss.  There is so much information out there, that most people don’t know what to do, what to eat, or even where to start.

You are doing the wrong workouts for your body at this stage of your life.

The exercises we once did in our younger years may have worked then, but as we get older our bodies both inside and out change.  Metabolism, hormones, bone mass, and fat mass are all factors that effect how long we should workout and what types of movements we need to do.  The days of exhausting our bodies with hours of cardio is outdated and there is so many better options that we can do to see positive results in our fitness journey.

You’ve taken the all or nothing approach.

It happens quite a bit and we are all guilty of it.  We make BIG promises at the start of a new year or a new school year (or a Monday) with unrealistic goals.  We promise to cut out all sugar, bread, alcohol, only eat veggies, no snacking, and more.  By going all out with everything, we can’t sustain it long term.  Our bodies are not meant to be deprived.  Nobody wants to live a life without their favorite things like pizza, chocolate, or bread.  It’s important to find a healthy balance with our treats so we can enjoy life and still have long term success.

BONUS TIP – You are lacking accountability.

Life is full of ups and downs.  We can try to follow a routine as best we can, but there are going to be moments when things spiral out of our control and having accountability to help keep you on your path is crucial to your success.  Whether it’s a workout buddy that meets you at the gym or your spouse who helps prepare meals at home, having accountability sets you up for healthy living and less quitting on those long term goals.

Another awesome resource for simple steps to getting started on your wellness journey is Notes By Thalia.

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