Ahhh, vacation! Just saying the word vacation, brings visions of sand, the pool, drinks, and relaxation. Vacation is definitely a time for fun (and indulgences), but that post-vacation syndrome can slap you in the face if you don’t have somewhat of a plan.

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The good news is feeling healthy during and post-vacay is totally possible.

Making just a few smart choices will keep you active and energized and help you get the most out of that vacay—and looking forward to the next one.

After years of trial and error, I have found a way to both enjoy vacation AND to come home feeling refreshed and still fit in my pants!

I think you will find the keyword here #balance.

These 10 Tips for a Healthy Vacation are sure to help you find margin to have fun AND come home feeling amazing!

10 Tips for a Healthy Vacation

1. Eat-in

When you out, you consume 60% more calories and fat (and that’s not the healthy kind of fat) plus the portions are big. If you see eating out as a treat, you are likely to over-indulge and not choose healthy options.

If you’re staying somewhere with kitchen access, take the time to whip up your own delicious meals as much as you can during your stay. You’re more likely to eat something nutritious at home —and you’ll know exactly what’s in it.

2. Have it your way when eating out.

Ask for a box to take some home, replace some unhealthy sides with veggies, order grilled vs fried and double up on veggies when possible.

Many restaurants are very accommodating to customer requests. Don’t be afraid to speak up.

3. Enjoy the scenery and the food

You are on vacation. Take the time to enjoy the new location. Take your time to enjoy your food and relax, and take in all the new sites around you.

In our everyday lives, we can constantly live in a go go go cycle. This is your time to relax. Plus, taking your time eating your food will allow you to pay attention to when your body says “enough!”

4. Walk it off

Even if you do indulge while on vacation, stay active. Use after dinner time to walk, get up early and hike or go for a swim in the hotel pool – this will offset any extra calories you consume.

5. FEAST it up

In my online wellness program, Burn Fat and FEAST, I teach my clients how to enjoy a FEAST day EVERY WEEK!

There’s science behind this, but while on vacation, practice indulging in your favorite treats one day, then be done and enjoy the sights and people you are with the rest of the time.

It’s a win-win, you aren’t deprived and you also come home feeling fabulous!

6. Water water water

Traveling, in general, can dehydrate you, not to mention if you are in the sun and heat, you will need more H20. Get in the habit of taking water with you everywhere you go to continue flushing out your body.

Remember that water is the most natural and easiest detox in the world.

7. Watch the cocktails

Many cocktails are full of added sugar and empty calories. Stick to clear liquids and alcohol and if you need to sweeten it up, opt for raw honey or stevia.

Drink Tip: Check out our post on low-calorie cocktails

8. Workout in the morning

Although it’s vacation, I promise that you will feel better if you wake up and get in a quick workout.

My Burn Fat and FEAST clients know that 20-30 minutes is all you need, but if you are looking for some quick circuits to do anytime, anywhere, subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE and take your workout with you.

9. Take your vitamins

Knowing that you will most likely not be eating as you typically do while on vacation, pack your vitamins and probiotics. This will ensure you are still getting vitamins and minerals and maintaining healthy digestion.

10. Free your mind

You’re on vacation, relax! (I said that for me too!) Resist the urge to check emails to keep your mind clear and decompress. Practicing leaving your cell phone behind is a great way to get away from the constant tech woes.

Stay Healthy on Your Next Vacation

While we all want to let loose on vacation, your post-vacation self will thank you if you keep these things in mind when you are on your next vacation.

Subbing in veggies whenever you can, drinking water, and getting enough movement whether it’s walking or swimming laps in the hotel pools are some easy ways for you to stay fit while on vacation.

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We love hearing from you! Let us know what tip you will be implementing on your next vacation!

Are you going on vacation and wondering how if you can stay healthy at the same time. You Can! Read on to find 10 tips to help you stay healthy and fit on vacation.